No price - New York, NY
    • Manufacturer: TIMESAVERS

    the model 2200 rotary brush series is a multi-directional brush machine that uniformly deburrs and finishes edges of laser cut, punched and machines parts in all directions in one pass, while impro...

  • Get Sander

    No price - Ouzilly, France
    • Manufacturer: Get


  • Lar Sander

    No price - Ouzilly, France
    • Manufacturer: Lar

    Ø 800 disc

  • 1989 Lar Sander

    No price - Ouzilly, France
    • Manufacturer: Lar

    n ° 88657

  • Egurko 1100rpc wood sander

    No price - Ouzilly, France
    • Manufacturer: Egurko

    width 1000

  • Orma 1600 Sp sander wood

    No price - Ouzilly, France
    • Manufacturer: Orma
  • Attrezzatura varia

    $3,913 - Faenza, Italy Recently Added

      lot 5 vacuum cleaner makita 2000 w, nail hilti dx351, nail spit pulsa 700 p, circular saw makita sp6000, 5903r makita circular saw, sander fein multimaster fmm 250q top, electrical panel constructi...

    • 2000 AEM 501-37 SANDER (DRY) [FQ-010113]

      $22,950 - United States
      • Manufacturer: AEM

      single head 37" wide belt sander for metalworking applications. -- 37" x 60" abrasive belt with pneumatic belt tension, and tracking. -- electric eye sanding belt sensing system. limit switch abr...

    • 2009 Accu Steam AS-6050 Water Jet Cutting Machines

      $68,796 - Novi Sad, Serbia
      • Manufacturer: JET Tools

      water jet cutting machines accu steam as-6050 used machine cuts all kinds of material: rubber, stone, metal, glass, wood, iron, plastic, textile etc .. cutting very precisely and quickly. model: as...

    • BTS 51 Universell einsetzbare Band- und Tellerschleifmaschine mit schwenkbarem Schleifarm Metallkraft Art.-Nr. 3700051SET

      $603 - Bad Liebenzell, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Metallkraft
      • Weight: No

      universally applicable belt and disc sander bts 51 universally by swiveling grinding arm manually adjustable sanding belt tension fine adjustment for parallels tape 2 swiveling grinding benches, ad...