• 2015 Homburg Delta 300 Drainage purge device

    $18,080 - Flurstrassenunterhalt, Switzerland Recently Added

      for sale top drainagespülgerät homburg delta 300 300 meter hose, electrohydraulic remote control for feeding and retracting the hose, meter counter, 4x wheel drive and hydr. swivel arm

    • Douven Dräneringsrensare

      $5,509 - Munka-Ljungby, Sweden
      • Manufacturer: Douven

      flush drains and get a better field! dräneringsrensare douven. good hose about 225 m meter counters fully refurbished, very new. new: pump water valve steering arm and steering bows suctio...

    • Sieger Dräneringsrensare

      $6,687 - Munka-Ljungby, Sweden Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Sieger

      sieger drain cleaning machine. fully completed, the seen and ready to run. hose: 350 m pump 1254 125 l / min 50 bar meter counters drive 2 friction wheels & 2 tensioning wheel new water valve...

    • 1980 Bimas 1m wrapppaperroll winding machine

      No price - Ratingen, Germany Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Bimas

      core less winding machine for short rolls. wrapping rolls, giftpaper rolls etc manufactur: noname, no etikette avaible age: ca, 80er working width: 100 cm meter counter unwind dia 1200mm rewind dia...

    • 1980 Coreless winding machine

      No price - Ratingen, Germany Recently Added

        core less winding machine for short rolls, working width 100 cm unwind dia 1200 mm rewind dia 400 mm meter counter machine was in produktion in germany, now dismantled in stock no sale for produkti...

      • Professional Basic Dräneringsrensare

        $11,221 - Sweden
        • Manufacturer: Professional

        new drain the machines. the same powerful and robust construction that pro 400 very efficient machine which while not damaging the drains. basic 300 300 m hose powerful drive with two friction...

      • 2003 Kuper FW 1200 E Veneer adhesive machines

        No price - Germany Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Kuper
        • Model: FW 1200 E

        veneer adhesive machines kuper fw 1200 e used machine veneer splicing machine zig-zag glue machine make of williams type: fw 1200 e engine no. 4310/3573 built in 2003 stand projection 1200 mm feed ...

      • Professional PRO 400 Dränerings rensmaskin

        No price - Sweden
        • Manufacturer: Professional

        new drain the machines. efficient machine to flush the drains. very sturdy and robust design. pro 400 hose 400 m double drive = dual hydraulic motors with 4 friction drive wheels. the guide a...

      • 2015 AECM Label Cutting Machine

        No price - Elk Grove Village, IL

          13" (350mm) width semi rotary die cut features: machine servo completly rebuilt at the end of 2015. new soft. perfect for registered off-line use with digital printing machine but also for short an...

        • 2016 Cela DT 21 Bucket Truck

          No price - Italy
          • Manufacturer: Cela

          aerial platform cela mod. dt21 italy aerial platform cela dt 24 with double telescopic boom, maximum working height mt. 24.00, maximum outreach mt. 12.00, 200 kg with crossbars extended, pivot poin...