No price - La Porte, TX
    • Manufacturer: PPM
    • Capacity: 54000 MT/Y OF 100% FORMALDEHYDE

    product grades: 50% formaldehyde with 0.7% methanol and .010 ppm formic acid; dilution to other concentrations is possible; plant yield: 1.19 pounds of methanol to produce 1.0 pound of formaldehyde...

  • Used Cooper Bessemer Model RC9-8B Centrifugal 13000 HP Compressor

    No price - Penns Grove, NJ
    • Manufacturer: COOPER BESSEMER

    used cooper bessemer model rc9-8b centrifugal 13000 hp compressor. syn gas compressor. 11,000 rpm. rated 5.6 mmscfh. suction pressure 205 psia. discharge pressure 768 psia. driven by elliot steam...

  • Used Cooper Bessemer Model RFB.24 Centrifugal 4800 HP Compressor

    No price - Penns Grove, NJ
    • Manufacturer: COOPER BESSEMER

    used cooper bessemer model rfb.24 centrifugal 4800 hp compressor. syn gas compressor. 7550 rpm. rated 25.7 mmscfh. suction pressure 684 psia. discharge pressure 763 psia. driven by elliot steam t...

  • used 13,774 Sq.Ft. Shell and tube condenser. Stainless Steel tubes

    No price - Penns Grove, NJ

      used 13,774 sq.ft. shell and tube condenser. stainless steel tubes. carbon steel shell rated 160 psi @ 150 deg.f. (2339) 3/4" od x 30' lgth. 304 stainless steel tubes rated 817 psi @ 210 deg.f. h...

    • 2009 Syngas Loop Conditioning Module FP413

      No price - Soperton, GA

        syngas conditioning module with 3 heat exchangers. for a list of all components enter fp413 in search terms box. part of methanol plant fp100.

      • 2009 Catalytic Conversion System - SynGas FP41

        No price - Soperton, GA

          catalytic conversion of syngas to alcohols. includes catalytic converter 41-r-168 designed for 3.9 mmbtu/hr, slipstream system partial, synloop compressor at 1650 psig at 600hp, interconnecting pip...

        • 1992 Degussa GKUQrg 70/65/110 Multipurpose chamber furnace plant

          No price - North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Recently Added
          • Manufacturer: Degussa

          the plant consists of: multipurpose chamber furnace type: gkuqrg 70/65/110 nominal temperature: 1000ᵒc useful dimensions (w x h x d): 700 x 650 x 1100 mm protective gas: nitrogen, methanol natura...

        • Partial Plant and System for Production of Mixed Alcohols and/or Crude Methanol, 5,000,000 Gal/Year #ZG60889

          No price - United States

            partial plant and system for production of mixed alcohols and/or crude methanol with capacity of 5,000,000 gallons per year. plant was designed to convert biomass gas into organic alcohols and is a...

          • 1973 AICHELIN KSGsp Gr.1-50/50/55/650 1113-3566

            No price - Wiesbaden, Germany
            • Manufacturer: AICHELIN
            • Capacity: kg/h
            • Weight: t

            hardening plant : general information consists of: pusher type furnace oil-bath washing machine tempering furnace feeding system grating dimensions: breadth: 500 m...

          • Biodiesel Plant, 120,000 MTPY #RG8592

            No price - Asia

              used 120,000 mtpy biodiesel plant reportedly built in 2007 and shutdown in 2012. plant feed stock is crude palm oil. plant consists of the following major modules: – esterification plant (can use e...