• Nikon TS100-F Eclipse Microscope Pred. to Ts2

    • Manufacturer: Nikon

      priced $5,395.00 nikon eclipse ts100-f microscope pred. to ts2 internal part number 11840 currently setup for brightfield, phase contrast and ...

      $5,395 (USD)
      Walpole, MA, USA
    • Olympus IX51 Inverted Microscope Pred IX53

      • Manufacturer: Olympus

        priced $7,895.00 olympus ix51 inverted microscope pred ix53 internal part number 11629 currently setup for brightfield, phase contrast and fl ...

        $7,895 (USD)
        Walpole, MA, USA
      • Zeiss Epiplan Apo 150X/1.25W H DIC D=.25 M27

        • Manufacturer: Zeiss

          zeiss epiplan apo 150x/1.25w h dic d=.25 m27 part#: 442492

          $6,790 (USD)
          Ontario, NY, USA

          • Manufacturer: MX

            9658 hirox kh-2700r kh-1000 mx-2005c 20402 high resolution digital microscopei was told it all works when i took it out of the lab but have no way to ...

            $7,500 (USD)
            Minneapolis, MN, USA
          • Zeiss C-APOCHROMAT 40x 1.2 W Korr

            • Manufacturer: Zeiss

              zeiss c-apochromat 40x 1.2 w korr infinity corrected, rms thread correction collar 0.14 to 0.18 zeiss part# 440052

              $6,000 (USD)
              Ontario, NY, USA
            • Zeiss OPMI 1 ENT Microscope

              • Manufacturer: Zeiss

                the zeiss opmi 1 ent surgical microscope includes a fiber optic light source, fiber optic cable, 5-step magnification changer, and an adjustable height arm with head articulation. the scope is in very good condit...

                $5,495 (USD)
                San Diego, CA, USA
              • Zeiss OPMI Pico Dental Microscope

                • Manufacturer: Zeiss

                  the zeiss opmi pico dental microscope is in very good condition and certified to proper operating specifications. it includes the halogen light source, mobile floor stand, 0 - 180° inclinable binoculars, and 5 ma...

                  $15,000 (USD)
                  San Diego, CA, USA
                • Meiji EMZ-5 Q10P004

                  • Manufacturer: Meiji

                    the head and fiber light are in great shape.  the fiber optic illuminator was completely gone through and a new internal cable assembly and lamp were installed.  it was plugged into 115vac and the lamp turned on,...

                    $1,349 (USD)
                    Leander, TX, USA
                  • Leica Leitz DMRB MIC-1627

                    • Manufacturer: Leica

                      the leica leitz dmr microscope provides enhanced object identification by using fluorescence illumination. it also allows bright and darkfield illumination techniques, phase contrasts, and condenser height adjust...

                      $13,500 (USD)
                      San Jose, CA, USA
                    • Leica Microsystem DM IL Type 090-135.001 with Camera DFC 290 (127300 MIC-2006

                      • Manufacturer: Mic

                        this previously-owned/used leica dm il microscope, type 090-135.001, comes with two (2) eyepieces, 10x/20 (527002 and 527003) and four (4) objectives (details shown below). the included objectives are as follows...

                        $3,950 (USD)
                        San Jose, CA, USA

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