• cooler

    No price - Québec, Canada

      instant milk

    • Leblanc Cooler

      No price - Québec, Canada

        instant milk.

      • Röka 1000Lt R-square A33 milk cooler rectangular

        $4,548 - Andwil, Switzerland
        • Manufacturer: Röka

        dairy cooler röka 1000lt rectangular the tank can be visited in our branch in muolen mass l the price includes occ. cooling machine, occ. control and occ. stirrer. new parts are possible for a surc...

      • 2008 Mercedes-Benz ACTROS1841 L Milchwagen, Milk, Food 12000L 3 ** Kame

        $35,624 - Oberhausen, Germany Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz
        • Mileage: 436,000 km

        milchtank, food tank, milk 3 chamber 12000 liters power supply socket, 15-pin trailer / towing coupling, ring spring trailer brake, 2-line, brake connections on the left beif functions vel bookshak...

      • 2010 ~3,000 kg/hr Stabilised Cream Pasteuriser Plant

        No price - Lockerbie, United Kingdom Recently Added

          this is an used ~3,000 kg/hr stabilised cream pasteuriser plant which consists of a alfa laval clip 8-rm plate heat exchanger, ms6-sr plate heat exchanger, gaulin homogeniser, apv dw3/030/10 positi...

        • Tank, 100 Gallon, S/st, Jkt, Agit, Horiz, Vat, Dairy

          No price - Chowchilla, CA, USA
          • Manufacturer: VAT

          stainless steel horizontal vat type tank, approximately 100 gallon capacity, milk cooler "sunset milk cooler," model number mc-200px. vat is jacketed and insulated. top includes dual covers. measur...

        • 1985 milk cooling tank SERAP 2500 l

          $2,225 - Czarnia, Poland

            milk cooling tank serap, a 161985 capacity 2500 l 1985 tank, washer machine.

          • Milk cooling tank SERAP 1200l, Bath

            $975 - Czarnia, Poland

              milk cooling tank serap, a 160817 capacity 1200 l bath

            • Milk cooling tank ALFA-LAVAL 1030 l

              $875 - Czarnia, Poland
              • Manufacturer: Alfa-Laval

              milk cooling tank alfa-laval 1030 l a 160527 capacity 1030l

            • Milk cooling tank PACKO 4400 L

              No price - Czarnia, Poland