• 1997 35,000 LPH Alfa Laval HMRPX 718 HGV Milk Separator

    No price - Lockerbie, United Kingdom Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Alfa-Laval

    this is a used 35,000 lph alfa laval hmrpx 718 hgv milk separator. this 35,000 lph alfa laval hmrpx 718 hgv milk separator was previously used as a dairy cream separator at a major multinational da...

  • RO-KA Denmark Cooling tank for milk

    No price - Denmark
    • Manufacturer: RO-KA Denmark

    d-01889-ss cooling tank 4500 l milk cooling tank rø-ka, insulatеd, with automatic washing equipment and cooling unit, capacity 4500l

  • Complete Dairy plant

    No price - Croatia

      d-0555-dairy plant 3000 complete dairy plant for diverse cheese production, very nice condition. eu capacity pasteurisation of milk: 3.000 l/h capacity pasteurization cream: 800 l/h ...

    • 1989 APV Sterile 2.000 UHT - Sterile milk line

      No price - Bosnia and Herzegovina
      • Manufacturer: APV

      most of the equipment in this small uht line were manufactured in 1989, but it is complete and it’s very good value for money! this is the perfect starter plant to get into the uht market. includ...

    • Westfalia MSA 120-01-076 Separator Westfalia

      No price - Denmark
      • Manufacturer: Westfalia

      2jpgnjzava-5612-westfalia msa 120-01-76 milk separator capacity 12.000 l/h, complete

    • APV Cheese vat, open type

      No price - Denmark
      • Manufacturer: APV

      cheese vats open type, capacity 4.000 l, stainless steel complete with extra equipment for agitation, cutting etc.. 2 pieces! buvdwbcw good condition

    • Vertical insulated Stainless Ste

      No price - Denmark

        stainless steel inside and side and outside, capacity 10.000 l, agitator from top, conical bottom, outlet at middle of conical bottom, at top mounted railing, cip in the side of top. we have 1 piec...

      • 1994 Wedholms Coolling tank

        No price - Denmark
        • Manufacturer: Wedholms

        milk cooling tanks weholms sweden, insulated, with washing equipment and cooling unit, capacity 2500 l & 3200l v9y30

      • APV Curdmaster 22.000 Cheese vat

        No price - Denmark
        • Manufacturer: APV

        7amezt2eaapv curd master type double-o, capacity 22.000 l, double jacketed, insulated, curd master with agitators double-o. 2 pieces identical at stock!

      • APV Vertica processing tanks

        No price - Denmark
        • Manufacturer: APV

        stainless steel tank, with agitator, doubel jacketed, insulated, capacity 5.000l, 2 pieces 0fd7goh7