• 1997 AVANT A313s Milking rooms

    • Manufacturer: Avant

      avant 313 model 13 petrol horses with honda engine compact mini skip with frontal shifter, idelae for small work in the stall for snow removal classic avant tecno attachment, can mount balloons, blade for pushing...

      $5,157 (USD)
      Trentino-Alto Adige/South Tyrol, Italy
    • Milking parlour / Automatic milking system : SALLE de TRAITE chèvres ligne basse DELAVAL 38 faisceaux

      • Manufacturer: Delaval

        treatment room goat line low delaval 38 beams including: - 38 beams almatic hc with prima cups - 19 pulsators ep100 - 1 pulse box pulsotop - 1 reception chamber sr70 70l stainless steel with milk pump and sanitar...

        $9,777 (USD)
        Bressuire, France
      • Milking parlour / Automatic milking system : SALLE DE TRAITE 2X5

        • Manufacturer: SALLE DE TRAITE 2X5

          for sale treatment room 2x5 with: - 10 beams delaval harmony complets - 10 posses de decro manus variflow - receiving room stainless steel - electrical dog ​​on crd rail the assembly to disassemble on site no ret...

          $1,724 (USD)
          Marolles, France
        • Andreas Graf Melktechnik Melkstand

          • Manufacturer: Andreas Graf Melktechnik

            kompletter 4 er durchtreibemelkstand mit fütterung favorit zum selbstabbau

            $3,637 (USD)
          • De Laval Melkstand

            • Manufacturer: De laval

              melkstand 1 x 6, with gerüst, melkeinheit, vakuumpumpe und endeinheit, sehr guter zustand

              $4,376 (USD)
            • 1997 AVANT A313s

              • Manufacturer: Avant

                milking rooms zip: 39100 | origin: national | guarantee: #altro | last review: 2015

                $5,183 (USD)
                Bolzano, Italy
              • 2014 Koutsikos '14

                • Manufacturer: Koutsikos

                  portable sheep and goat sheep-lamb sweeper 12-24-36 positions • ideal for both livestock farmers and units with no barrier facilities • all the mechanisms are concentrated in a room independent of the traps • the...

                  No price
                • Single phase professional high pressure cleaner ad

                      ideal for farms for the cleaning and maintenance of machinery, stables, and milking rooms, silos and tanks, or in the primary building industry, in car washing, in the car fleet transport industry. product used a...

                      $797 (USD)
                      Emilia-Romagna, Italy
                    • Sale of farms or properties : CENTRE MANCHE. Lait 530 000 litres sur 90 hectares

                      • Manufacturer: CENTRE MANCHE Lait 530 000 litres sur 90 hectares

                        for sale in the region of coutances, a dairy farm of 530 000 liters on 90ha, of which almost 40% give access to the grazing for dairy cows. the plot is within a radius of about 1.5km. this farm has a beautiful li...

                        No price
                        Moréac, France
                      • Sale of farms or properties : MAYENNE. Lait et volailles Label

                        • Manufacturer: MAYENNE Lait et volailles Label

                          to take over a 75ha farm located in the north-east of the department. this farm is made up of a dairy workshop with a production of 338 000 liters and a workshop poultry label with 2 henhouses. the plot allows di...

                          No price
                          Moréac, France

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