• Motocoltivatore bartolini

    $10,680 - Avellino, Italy Recently Added

      bartolini 8cv gasoline .... the car and running well kept ... i sell unused x ... not moneymakers ...

    • Motocoltivatore Ferrai 72 Super

      $5,340 - Genoa, Italy Recently Added

        motocoltivatore ferrari super 72, all in excellent condition, folding manual, complete with documents. sell ​​due to inactivity.

      • Motocoltivatore

        No price - Brindisi, Italy Recently Added

          buy easter cultivator 945 complete drill no email.

        • Motocoltivatore slanzi

          No price - Sassuolo, Italy

            sell motocoltivatore slanzi, new tires just mounted only with blade good condition. for further information contact

          • Motocoltivatore Grillo G52 6

            No price - Avella, Italy
            • Manufacturer: Grillo

            motocoltivatore motozappa kohler lombardini 3000 series ohv 6.5 hp manual start to recoil fuel gasoline displacement 196 cc, 1 gear transmission in oil bath gearbox forward and reverse adjustable c...

          • Motocoltivatore diesel promo Grillo

            No price - Campania, Italy Recently Added
            • Manufacturer: Grillo

            the zavalloni company communicates to customers the availability for sale of new wheel tractors grillo -brand: grillo -marce: 2 + 2 -fresa: 58 cm -possibility 'subsidized rate financing the machine...

          • Motocoltivatore Ruggerini + pump for spraying

            No price - Mesagne, Italy Recently Added

              buy motocoltivatore rggerini 14 hp with cutter? 1100. spraying pump? 600. for more information call 339 8243247 cosimo

            • Motocoltivatore Bertolini 411 Starting Electric

              No price - Montaione, Italy Recently Added

                buy bertolini 411 diesel 10cv perfect starter battery like new all under. safety protection of starter, motor, cutter pto etc ... when you put the shuttle in reverse gear automatically switches off...

              • Motocoltivatore goldoni 8 cv diesel

                No price - Serra San Quirico, Italy Recently Added
                • Manufacturer: Goldoni

                motocoltivatore goldoni differential locks with 4 speed and reverse, adjustable cutter, destroy grass cutter bar and mulches grass all in good condition and used very little.

              • Motocoltivatore Grillo G131 electric Lombardini 14cv

                No price - Avella, Italy
                • Manufacturer: Grillo

                motocoltivatore motozappa grillo g 131 with diesel engine lombardini 3 ld 510 14cv electric start new with differential. change with inverter. in the cultivator version 4 forward + 2 reverse. in ve...