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  • 2016 RABE CORVUS PKE 3011 Neumaschine Mulch W

    • Manufacturer: Rabe

      Null | bauart: kreiselegge device type: power harrows | working width (m): 3

      $11,761 (USD)
    • 2017 Mulch Mäxx VCH 250

      • Manufacturer: VAT

        Description mulch mäxx mulching machine spiralrotor adjustable mulching plate double housing hydraulic side adjustment lateral. skid steer roller (d = 165mm) with scraper diameter rotor shaft = 200mm working di...

        $4,926 (USD)
      • AGRISEM Disc-O-Mulch Gold 4,5

        • Manufacturer: Agrisem

          Description demo! patented discs front Ø610 / rear Ø 560 mm with 3-d fuse, crumble plate, sre bearing, v-sem roller, right side plate, front depth control wheels, hydraulic drawbar. also available as new items...

          $34,118 (USD)
        • 2015 Mulch Mäxx Mega 200 - Seitenmulcher

          • Manufacturer: Mega

            Description side mulcher with protection, little used, translate description show original internal id: 120680-3516609

            $3,941 (USD)
          • 2016 Saphir MSG 307 mulch sowing machine

            • Manufacturer: Saphir

              Saphir mulch sow cultivator with full equipment for a special price with top-mix mulch sowing, hydraulic depth adjustment leveling discs, hydraulic edge disc lapping lighting, roof ring roller, wing coulter, fold...

              $10,466 (USD)
              Neuenkirchen, Germany
            • 2016 Orsi Golf 155 wie Amazone Grasshopper

              • Manufacturer: Orsi

                Freewheel in gearbox rolls gummi stützräder, walze 101x4, getriebe mit freilauf, gelenkwelle, 3 punktaufnahme, aufsammelbehälter, schaufelmesser, auf wunsch mit vertikutier messer erhältlich.

                $5,775 (USD)
                Altenberge, Germany
              • 2014 Vogel&Noot Mastercut TK / R 180

                • Manufacturer: Vogel & Noot

                  Hydraulic side displacement rolls front- und heckmulcher, gelenkwelle, 1,80 arbeitsbreite, schlägelmulcher, walze.

                  $4,125 (USD)
                  Altenberge, Germany
                • 2016 Zanon TMC 225 Mulcher

                  • Manufacturer: Zanon

                    Free-running universal joint shaft freewheel in gearbox cap adjustment tmc 225 mulcher - medium heavy duty -28 hammerschlägel -ideal for embankments -incl. propeller shaft large stock of new and used machines! fo...

                    $7,248 (USD)
                    Kelkheim, Germany
                  • 2016 Zanon TMC 1900 Mulcher

                    • Manufacturer: Zanon

                      Freewheel in gearbox cap adjustment hydraulic side displacement rolls zanon side mulcher tmc 1900, + 90 ° hydr. fold-up and -55 ° downwards, sprialrotor, joint shaft, surcharge wide-angle joint shaft + € 600, - t...

                      $6,835 (USD)
                      Kelkheim, Germany
                    • 2016 Bednar Mulcher MM 7000 Mais und Gras

                      • Manufacturer: Bednar

                        Free-running universal joint shaft freewheel in gearbox cap adjustment hydraulic side displacement wheels for deep guide robust design with horizontal knives - 4 pcs per rotor hydraulic folding from transport to ...

                        $26,989 (USD)
                        Rankweil, Austria