• Evaporator, Multiple Effect, Water Still, Finn Aqua, 1500-S

    No price - Brisbane, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: STILL

    steris finn-aqua 1500-s-5 multiple effect water still which uses staged evaporation and condensation for water for injection applications. includes (5) vertical columns measuring 10" diameter x 10'...

  • Evaporator, 2 Effect, L&A, 10,000 lb/hr, S/st,

    No price - Brisbane, CA, USA

      l&a evaporator, tubular, 2 effect, stainless steel, rated approx 10,000 lbs/hr skid mounted with pumps, essence recovery column, new in 1992, serial number 10442, column approx 4' x 25', 304 sta...

    • Evaporator, 2 Effect, Titanium, 35 GPM, Forced Circulation,

      No price - Brisbane, CA, USA

        evaporator, 2 effect, forced circulation evaporator system. designed for 35 gpm feed, concentrate from 28% solids to 50% solids.1st effect includes vessel measuring 8'8" dia. x 25' straight side, c...

      • Evaporator, 3 Effect, Buflovak, 750 PPH, S/st, Water,

        No price - Brisbane, CA, USA

          buflovak triple effect evaporator, with all stainless steel contacts. last used evaporating 750 pph water. previously used on coffee. evaporator is missing preheater, 1st effect steam chest and ...

        • Evaporator, 5 Effect, TASTE, 40,000 Lbs, 7-Stage

          No price - Brisbane, CA, USA

            t.a.s.t.e. (taste) evaporator, cook manufacturing co./gulf machinery co. self contained systems, 5 effect, 7 stage, rated at 40,000 lbs per hour, 8,000 lb per hour steam requirement, 304 stainless ...

          • Evaporator, 3 Effect, Buflovak, 20,000 LB/HR, S/st,

            No price - Chowchilla, CA, USA

              buflovak triple effect rising/falling film evaporator, 20,000 pph, all wetted parts being sanitary stainless steel, was handling 9500 lbs of 5% solids product feed & coming out with 1055# of 45% so...

            • Evaporator, Finn-Aqua, 125#/HR, Still WFI, Mdl FA-500-SA

              No price - San Dimas, CA, USA
              • Manufacturer: STILL

              finn-aqua multiple effect water still for wfi. unit rated at 500 ltr/hr of pure distillate water. type fa-500-sa. unit manufactured new 1992, complete all 316 stainless steel contact parts, feed...

            • SS STILMAS WFI STILL SS #L0901-12

              No price - United Kingdom
              • Manufacturer: STILL

              used stilmas model ms505s multiple effect stainless steel pharma still. unit includes (5) type rv stainless steel vertical evaporators/condensers rated shell at 12 litre capacity at 10 dar design p...