• Kubota ST30 Municipal tractor with accessories

    $19,933 - Landmaschinen Kistler, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Kubota
    • Model: ST30

    kubota tractor st30, komunalplatte at fronthydraulik. condition: good. last mfk 4.2016 additional 4 snow chains. drehlicht. closed cabin with heating and ventilation including snow plow zaugg g3-18...

  • 2001 Springer TS 1503 H Self-loading devices

    No price - Eichberg, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Winter

    ready for use, from place eichberg, information without guarantee, intermediate sale reserved. the terms and conditions for purchase contracts according to am suisse apply for further information p...

  • 2001 Kubota ST 30 HST Municipal tractor freshly from MFK including Schneeschild

    $10,597 - Dulliken, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Kubota

    tractor mfk ew mfk possible viktor cabin, el. hydraulic with armrests joystick, permanent pressure, front hydraulics, etc by request including mower also very cheaply available occ. grass pick-up d...

  • Rapid Schneepflug 160 cm

    $954 - Oberhof, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Rapid

    swivel, to rapid 505/606 / special, screwed steel blade

  • 2009 Holder Mehrzeckfahrzeug C242

    $20,826 - Burgkirchen an der Alz, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Holder

    holder multipurpose vehicle c242 40km / h, built in 2009, 42 hp, 2500 hours, comfort, heater, front linkage with joystick control - 3 double hydraulic equipment, winter tires - summer tires: 26x12....

  • 2011 Bema 30Typ 2050

    $6,408 - Burgkirchen an der Alz, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Bema

    third support wheel front attachment hydromotor hydraulic outlet side brush feeler wheels water-spray device corrugated wire brush polypropylene bema sweeper 30 typ 2050, built in 2011, water tank ...

  • 1993 Ransomes COMMANDER SPORT 200

    $4,485 - Senftenbach, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Ransomes

    cylinder mowers cabin lighting service due otherwise use capable missing left door

  • Hydrac Schneepflug 250

    $1,174 - Senftenbach, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Hydrac

    blade width 250cm notch with 8 springs hyd. swing hyd. recruitment municipal growing size eur 500 loose with tractor attachment plate

  • 2015 Berti FB/T 730

    $22,962 - Senftenbach, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Berti

    90 degrees cap adjustment joystick control oil cooler scooter y-blade hedge mower in very good condition auslegeweite 7,30m telescopic pro reinforced 125 cm mowing head y-knife oil cooler rear ligh...

  • 2013 Berti FB/P 500

    $14,738 - Senftenbach, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Berti

    cap adjustment joystick control oil cooler scooter y-blade hedge mower in very good condition, auslegeweite 500cm, 100cm reinforced cutting head, with electro-hydraulic load-sensing operation with ...