• Air Products Prism series 1000 nitrogen membrane system

    $2,250 - Salem, MA, USA

      air products prism series 1000 nitrogen membrane system   provides 95 to 99.9% nitrogen from compressed air, to 170 pounds, 5-900 scfh.

    • M Braun glove box, Labmaster 130 with Varian TV301 turbo pumped ante chamber and separate nitrogen gas

      $21,500 - Salem, MA, USA
      • Manufacturer: Varian

      m braun glove box, labmaster 130 with varian tv301 turbo pumped ante chamber and separate nitrogen gas purifier mb-200g-w-n-i. includes mb-ox-se1 and mb-mo-se1 oxygen and water sensors. the main ...

    • Blue M DCC-146C 10 x 14 x 14" h, 250ºC HEPA filtered, with nitrogen purge,

      $2,750 - Salem, MA, USA
      • Manufacturer: Blue m

      blue m dcc-146c 10 x 14 x 14" h, 250ºc hepa filtered, with nitrogen purge, water cooling and chart recorder. 208/230/60/1 14/16 amps

    • MVE Lab 20 Liquid Nitrogen Dewar

      $599 - Mundelein, IL, USA Recently Added
      • Forma Scientific Cryomed Nitrogen Dewar Cryogenics Model 8038

        $1,000 - Vista, CA, USA Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Forma

        the forma scientific forma cmr/cmc series portable liquid nitrogen storage container model 8038 has a diameter, height, and neck diameter of 20 x 26.5 x 5” and a capacity of 47.4 l. it has an evapo...

      • E5011 Liquid Helium Monitor/E7001 Emergency Discharge Unit/E5031 Liquid Nitrogen

        No price - Fall River, MA, USA
        • Manufacturer: Magnex Scientific

        e5011 liquid helium monitor/e7001 emergency discharge unit/e5031 liquid nitrogen monitor manufacturer: magnex scientific model: product code: 213299 230v/115v, 50/60 hz 230v/115v, 50/60 hz

      • 2014 Peak Scientific Nitrogen Generator 1050 #7034156-01

        $4,000 - Missouri, United States Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: FAIR

        2014 peak scientific nitrogen generator model: genius 1050 s/n: a14-10-358 this unit is being sold “as is, where is”. offers are welcome! can be inspected by appointment only. please contact a rem...

      • Antek 8060 Nitrogen Detector

        $2,950 - San Diego, CA, USA
        • Manufacturer: Antek Instruments

        this antek 8060 nitrogen detector is in excellent condition.

      • 850-NB Plas Labs Nitrogen Dry Box

        $5,500 - Cary, NC, USA

          • pre-owned and in working condition • completely enclosed chamber which is ideal for working in a preferred atmosphere • inert gases like argon, nitrogen, and plasma are easily maintained • all cl...

        • LabTech Inc M8 Automated Nitrogen Concentrator

          $9,800 - Hopkinton, MA, USA Recently Added
          • Manufacturer: LabTech Inc

          the m8 automated concentration evaporator system from labtech is a microprocessor-controlled concentrator that provides unattended, rapid sample ...