• Hitachi R-1200 60 MHz NMR spectrometer Hitachi NMR Hitachi 60 Mhz NMR with an Anasazi upgrade from CW to FT

    • Manufacturer: Hitachi

      hitachi r-1200 60 mhz nmr spectrometer hitachi nmr hitachi 60 mhz nmr with an anasazi upgrade from cw to ft used nmr nice the probe measures 1h -this item is from a from a working lab, bought new, includes window...

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      Manasquan, NJ, USA
    • Varian Oxford 300 MHz NMR

      • Manufacturer: Varian

        the varian oxford 300 mhz nmr is a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer manufactured by varian that is designed for rapid spectra experiments.  it is capable of rapidly and efficiently producing more basic spe...

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        East Lyme, CT, USA
      • Bruker NMR MS Interface Model# H9683

            the bruker nmr ms interface model# h9683 couples liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry

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            East Lyme, CT, USA
          • Bruker LC Micro Bay BPSU - LC-NMR Hyphenation - BPSU-36 BSFU-0

                phone: 1-567-221-0615 bruker lc micro bay bpsu - lc-nmr hyphenation - bpsu-36 bsfu-0 this lc-nmr

                Cridersville, OH, USA
              • Varian Inova 400 w/ Oxford Shielded Magnets

                • Manufacturer: Varian

                  we have a few of these... varian two or three channel spectrometer w. oxford as narrow bore magnet. 20 mhz i.f., asw 5mm pfg probes, single ...

                  Morrisville, NC, USA
                • HARROP NMR-BX-30-44390-2600 #13029

                  • Manufacturer: HARROP

                    model:  nmr-bx-30-44390-2600 serial #:  3975 24 brand new globars, 12 on top, 12 on bottom, $7000 retail value each globar is a silicon carbide sic heating element: 81″ long by 1.5″ diameter with a 50″ center hot...

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                    Monclova, OH, USA
                  • DRÄGER PM8050 NMR

                    • Manufacturer: DRÄGER

                      mri tauglicher narkosegasmonitor, atemgasmonitor, druck, flow, frequenz, o2, co2, n2o , sg.zst.

                      Landshut, Germany
                    • Roe separator NMR 800

                          machine is designed for continuous separation of roe of salmon and same fish species. it is completed with in-feed conveyor, table for raw material and spare parts. max. capacity: up to 800 kg/hour dimensions: 17...

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                          Myre, Norway
                        • 2017 ISUZU NMR 250

                          • Manufacturer: Isuzu

                            dropside used ref: u72723; snmr250r 341,500 doors: 2 | colour: white | gearbox: manual | body type: dropside | fuel type: diesel | seat count: 2 | engine capacity: 3.0 l | registration year: 2017

                            Cape Town, South Africa
                          • 2014 Isuzu NMR 250

                            • Manufacturer: Isuzu
                            • Mileage: 108,000 Km

                            dropside ref: u72730; car14969r 250,000 doors: 2 | colour: white | gearbox: manual | mileage: 108,000 km | body type: dropside | fuel type: diesel | seat count: 2 | engine capacity: 3.0 l | registration year: 2...

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                            Cape Town, South Africa