• 2012 Pressta Eisele PRISMA 600E Notching saw

    No price - Hamburg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Eisele

    pnеum. 2 powered saw units, angle,. clamping device with keyboard and digital display and control panel with protective housing the advertisement was translated automatically and some translation e...

  • Pistorius MN-200 Double Miter Saw with Clamping

    $4,995 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Pistorius

    upper midwest fully rebuilt, includes warranty 2 motors at 1.5 hp, 230/460, 3 phase features vertical clamping 8ft infeed with support stand 2-5/8" max height and 3-5/16" max width 12" blade diamet...

  • CTD N 80 Double Miter Saw

    $9,500 - United States
    • Manufacturer: CTD

    central atlantic us   4-1/2" x 4-1/2" x 3" toe notch cap. 3-1/2" wide x 3" high miter cap. (staggered blade configuration); (2) 2 hp tefc - 3,450 rpm saw motors, belt driven to saw spindles @ 3...

  • Notching machine FIM 200x4

    No price - Mogliano Veneto, Italy

      notching machine fim mod. versa 200x4 well it used as a saw, but we have not done a complete overhaul, and 'was only cleaned and tested. good and 'free from occult breaks, that' not visible tears ....

    • Graule AS 350 Notching

      $2,584 - Gütersloh, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Graule
      • Model: AS 350

      saw bladе diameter vertical unit: 350 mm blade diameter horizontal unit: 300 mm cutting height: max. 110 mm klink depth: max. 85 mm notching width: max. 200 mm with pneumatic clamps and lubrificati...

    • 1990 Striffler 2733 Glasleistensäge, Notching

      $955 - Weinstadt, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Striffler

      dеscription: you are bidding on a super functional glasleistensäge the noble brand striffler, which is known for its excellent quality. the unit is in a very good condition. with this machine you ...

    • Graule GmbH AKF4/250 Notching thrower

      No price - Germany
      • Manufacturer: Graule

      notching thrower graule akf4/250 graule gmbh akf4/250 used machine notching thrower graule akf4/250 specifications (manufacturer): -manufacturer: graule gmbh -electrical connection: 3 ~ 380v 50 hz ...

    • 2003 ROTOX SAS 339 Notching controlled PC

      $7,807 - Lüdenscheid, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Rotox

      notching rotox sas 339 with innovativе technology, this series allows precise, quick and convenient shift cuts and cutouts in up to 4 profiles simultaneously facade. the pc-controlled variant also ...

    • 2016 FomIndustrie Panda 400 Aluminum underfloor Saw

      $5,729 - Lauf an der Pegnitz, Germany
      • Manufacturer: FomIndustrie

      sеmiautomatic aluminum miter circular saw, alusäge, miter saw for aluminum, aluminum sawing machine. features: 400 mm hm circular saw blade, minimum quantity lubrication system, 2 x vertical and h...

    • 1994 PRESSTA EISELE AKF 2000

      No price - Hamburg, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Eisele
      • Weight: 0,15 t

      with swivel air - spinning equipment and maintenance unit