• Agrar Mistral 8002

    • Manufacturer: Agrar

      bridge mass 5.00m x 1.90m, approx. 8m3, tower walls height 300mm, hydr. vat, outside de: excl. shipping product is in stock delivery period: 2 day (s) show other products from this dealer category: tandem axle su...

      $23,780 (USD)
      Sarnen, Switzerland
    • 2011 Kuhn GF 422

      • Manufacturer: Kuhn

        working width 4.20m, 3-pt. swivel bracket, hydr. elevation, weight 452 kg, very good condition

        $4,754 (USD)
        Sarnen, Switzerland
      • Knüsel B230LS Bandheuer

        • Manufacturer: Knüsel

          4-row, 540 / min, pendulum compensation, suitable for aebi tt, totally revised, new varnished, new tines, as new

          $5,018 (USD)
          Sarnen, Switzerland
        • 2009 Vicon CM 271 FP Trommelmähwerk

          • Manufacturer: Vicon

            front mower, pendulum, working width 2.65m; with integrated transverse and longitudinal compensation; 4 mowing drums (2 big outside, 2 small inside), cut height adjustment, swath discs, adjustable spring relief, ...

            $5,810 (USD)
            Sarnen, Switzerland
          • 2000 Aebi LD 35 XL charger

            • Manufacturer: Aebi

              3 knives, hydr. rear wall opening, hydr. pickup and scraper floor, suitable for aebi transporters with long wheelbase, ready for use, from space

              $12,653 (USD)
              Sarnen, Switzerland
            • 1991 Bazzoli B6S hydraulic loader

              • Manufacturer: Bazzoli

                mistkran, 3-point cultivation, hydr. support, with mistzange 50cm, 3 tieflöffel, gelenkwelle, very good condition

                $6,870 (USD)
                Sarnen, Switzerland
              • Aebi HC55

                • Manufacturer: Aebi

                  double wheel and lattice wheel, knife bar 2.20m a83 with sz left. u. re., with additional tank, petrol engine 16ps, good, ready for use

                  $8,240 (USD)
                  Sarnen, Switzerland
                • Aebi AM60 Bandeingraser

                  • Manufacturer: Aebi

                    knife bar 1.90 a81 standard cut, bandeingraser with new tine band, counterweight, very good, partial revved, partly new varnished; from service

                    $5,493 (USD)
                    Sarnen, Switzerland
                  • Aebi Charger LD31K

                    • Manufacturer: Aebi

                      very good, completely revised. pair of feeders, total 6 knives

                      $15,516 (USD)
                      Sarnen, Switzerland
                    • Aebi AM 41 Bandeingraser

                      • Manufacturer: Aebi
                      • Model: AM 41

                        blade beam 1.90m, bandeingraser, 1 spare blade, mag engine 11ps, ready for use, from place

                        $6,021 (USD)
                        Sarnen, Switzerland

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