• Strut Grinder 32" / 120" x 120"/180" Norton Gap Bed Cylindrical Grinder

    • Manufacturer: Norton

      strut grinder, internal capability, gap bed, update electrics and controls

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      Elk Grove Village, IL, USA
    • 1997 ELECTROLUX Automated Storage Facility

      • Manufacturer: Electrolux

        the space required of the double hoca” is: length ca 40 m, width ca 6 m, height ca 5 m, electric power requirement: 3 x400 v ac ( +/- 10 %) fuses for electrical supply: minimum 40 a total: 1512 shelfs each shelf ...

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      • 2013 Rösler RRB 16/5 Continuous beam and preservation facility

        • Manufacturer: Rösler
        • Capacity: 1,250 kg / item No. Meter

        continuous beam and preservation facility rösler rrb 16/5 used machine continuous beam and preservation facility rösler conveyor rrb 16/5 year of constr.: 2013 blasting machine: turbines / number: h42 x 4 pcs per...

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      • Amazone ZG 5000

        • Manufacturer: Amazone
        • Model: ZG 5000

          amazone lime sprinkler type zg 5000. working width 6.meter good bottom chain. good working spreader

          Vriezenveen, Netherlands
        • Lancer 1400 UP

          • Manufacturer: Lancer

            lancer 1400 up glassware washer and dryer system (washer/dryer) condition:  very good-excellent.  fully functional-guaranteed.  tested in our facility guarantee:  15-day money back guarantee warranty:  30-day par...

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            Gaithersburg, MD, USA
          • 2003 Amazone ZA-M Premis 1000 l Fertilizer spreader

            • Manufacturer: Amazone

              description amazone za-m premis fertilizer spreader (bj: 2002) with container capacity: 1.000 l with screen discs os 20 - 28, sieve against foreign bodies, hydr. single slider operation, limiter m limiters left, ...

              Sankt Marienkirchen bei Schärding, Austria
            • 2013 Mitsubishi MV2400S

              • Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

                mitsubishi mv2400s yеar 2013 travel: 600x400x310mm interior dimensions: 840 x 640 mm maximum workpiece weight: 1500 kg machine dimensions: 2687x3030x2150mm machine weight: 3500 kg water bath machine automatic wir...

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                Baden-Württemberg, Germany
              • Original 3553 12383

                • Manufacturer: Original

                  used original radial arm saw model e super duty series is the ultimate workhorse of the industry capable of operating 2 to 3 shifts per day. able to do a wide variety of cutoff and dadooperations, these massive 8...

                  Williamsport, PA, USA
                • Graziano SAG 22X1500 center lathe

                  • Manufacturer: Graziano

                    from a production facility in nrwu used lathe and turning lathe manufacturer graziano type sag 22x1500technical dataspecific height 280 mmdistance between the tips 1500 mmturning diameter over slide 377 mmmaximum...

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                    Erwitte, Germany
                  • 1985 SHW UF31 TNC150 toolroom milling machine

                    • Manufacturer: SHW

                      from a closed facility in nrw truckused universal toolmachinemachine shw-gmbh type uf 31 year of manufacture 1985 with heidenhain tnc150b technical datax-axis 1000 mmy-axis headstock 700 mmz-axis cross-slide 625 ...

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                      Erwitte, Germany