• 1997 Cyber Optics LSM 2

    No price - Magnolia, TX, USA

      paste height inspection machine the cyberoptics lsm2 system is a surface mount technology inspection system that provides non-contact measurement of height, registration, and other critical printin...

    • AGILENT 11980A Lightwave Fiber Optic Interferometer

      $550 - Hamilton Township, NJ, USA
      • Manufacturer: Agilent

      the agilent 11980a is a mach-zehnder interferometer of fixed delay. used with an agilent 71400-series lightwave signal analyzer, it allows ,you to measure chirp and frequency modulation (fm) on dfb...

    • ANDO AQ8203 Halfsize Frame Optical Test and Measurement System

      $650 - Hamilton Township, NJ, USA
      • Manufacturer: Ando

      the ando aq8203 halfsize frame optical test and measurement system is a 3-module mount type to meet various demand such as research, development, testing, etc. it can connect to the aq8202 expander...

    • MTI Instruments Accumeasure 5000 Capacitance Measurement System

      $1,000 - Finksburg, MD, USA

        the mti instruments accumeasure 5000 is a capacitance measurement system.  the accumeasure 5000 is a high precision, non-contact displacement and vibration measuring system.

      • Fujikura FSM-60R12

        $9,000 - United States
        • Manufacturer: Fujikura

        afl fujikura fsm-60r12 mass fusion splicer - low count 918 the fujikurafsm-60r12 ribbon fusion splicer offers unmatched versatility and reliability. the ribbon splicer withstands a drop test of up ...

      • Corning m90e

        $6,500 - United States
        • Manufacturer: Corning

        corning m90e sm & mm core alignment fusion splicer - low arc 321 built-in interactive training videos lid system and cds system 3-axis core-alignment two usb ports integrated gps system lid system ...

      • Fitel S178A

        $5,995 - United States
        • Manufacturer: Fitel

        fitel s-178a sm & mm fiber core alignment fusion splicer - arc ct: 0 the fitel™ s178 hand-held core-alignment fusion splicer is the latest, state-of-the art addition to the s17x series of splicers....

      • OZ-Optics ER-100-3-980

        No price - Gatineau, Canada
        • Manufacturer: OZ-Optics

        oz-optics er-100-3-980 extinction ratio meter measures up to 40 db extinction ratio range between 980 nm to 1060 nm. it has a built in rs 232 communication interface, a 0.01 db resolution in er and...

      • Carl Zeiss Atlas 9000 HUMPHREY Corneal Topographer w Keyboard Manual Win XP OS

        $12,500 - Tampa, FL, USA
        • Manufacturer: Atlas-Copco

        carl zeiss humphrey atlas 9000 corneal topographer with keyboard, manual, and windows xp operating system current model! these are very hard to find on the used market. this is one of the best and ...

      • Ericsson 975PM

        $12,500 - United States
        • Manufacturer: Ericsson

        ericsson fsu-975pm fusion splicer (fsu-975pm) condition: used rent price: per month