• Optical Gaging Products OQ30S Q34D008

    $9,999 - Leander, TX
    • Manufacturer: STILL

    this comparator is in good working condition with a few notable oddities.  the surface illuminator and the merc. horizontal illuminators work (the tung. horiz doesn't light up).  there is some vign...

  • Bio-Rad iCycler qPCR 582BR with IQ Optical Modul Module 584BR, 96 wells

    $5,995 - Austin, TX
    • Manufacturer: Bio-Rad

    biorad icycler qpcr 582br, 96 wells -- is located in active laboratory and is in perfect condition. calibrated on august 22, 2016. comes as a complete ... read more

  • Mells Griot 070BH573 50" x 29.5" Sealed Hole Optical Table Breadboard

    $3,000 - Ventura, CA
    • Manufacturer: Mells Griot

    mells griot 070bh573 sealed hole optical table breadboard

  • Reichert Used Reichert-Jung Polylite SC BF/DF Microscope with Irvine Optical

    $10,500 - Ontario, NY
    • Manufacturer: Jung

    division: lab equipment

  • Molecular Spectramax 340PC384

    $4,495 - Golden Valley, MN
    • Manufacturer: Molecular

    molecular spectramax 340pc384 wavelength range 190–1000 nm wavelength selection monochromator tunable in 1-nm increments wavelength bandwidth ≤ 2.0 nm fwhm (full width half maximum) wavelength acc...

  • Newport Orion FX3 Fiber Alignment

    $7,865 - California, USA
    • Manufacturer: Newport

    newport orion fx3 fiber alignment system 818-is-1 562-xyz 3 ad-100 excellent/very good condition! here's an opportunity to acquire a rare complete newport orion fx3 fiber alignment system including...

  • AMETEK Spectro Arcos FHX Just reduced! ICP

    $30,000 - Pittsburgh, PA
    • Manufacturer: AMETEK

    like new 2010 spectro arcos optical emission spectrometer with inductively-coupled plasma excitation. model fhx recently removed from service analyzin ... read more

  • Stanford MDC Huntington Leybold DS102 TMP50 RGA200 NT50

    $11,650 - United States Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Leybold

    huntington mdc high vacuum chamber uhv conflat leybold tmp50 varian excellent/very good condition! this is our last system! here's an opportunity to acquire a rare/hard to find turn-key huntington/...

  • Synrad Various Q20D021

    $1,499 - Leander, TX
    • Manufacturer: LOT

    this lot is in good working condition.  we are not able to measure output power, but we did verify the output is more than enough to burn paper in a second when set as low as 40%  we ran this only ...

  • Newport LAE500 LDS500 Electronic

    $5,965 - California, USA
    • Manufacturer: Newport

    newport lae500 lds500 electronic autocollimator system excellent/very good condition! in stock! newport lae500 autocollimator system. system was seldom deployed with mint optics and is fully operat...