• Yokogawa AQ6370C Optical Spectrum Analyzer

    • Manufacturer: Yokogawa

      -->--> optical spectrum analyzer improved world-class optical performance wavelength range: 600 t ...

      $35,800 (USD)
      Lake Mary, FL, USA
    • Ando AQ6317B Optical Spectrum Analyzer

      • Manufacturer: Ando

        many of our items include free shipping within the usa secured with our double-walled boxes and instapak foam packing to ensure your ...

        $16,798 (USD)
        Lake Mary, FL, USA
      • ADVANTEST Q8341 350 to 1000 nm Optical Spectrum Analyzer

        • Manufacturer: Advantest

          the advantest q8341 is an optical spectrum analyzer for visible radiation with a wavelength range of 350 nm to 1000 nm. it uses a fourier spectrum system with a michelson interferometer which allows it to measure...

          $15,000 (USD)
          Hamilton Township, NJ, USA
        • ADVANTEST Q8384 600 to 1750 nm Optical Spectrum Analyzer

          • Manufacturer: Advantest
          • Model: Q8384

            the advantest q8384 is a high-end optical spectrum analyzer using a monochromator developed by advantest and featuring a high dynamic range and a high wavelength resolution. it offers the highest level of perform...

            $18,000 (USD)
            Hamilton Township, NJ, USA
          • Withlight OPI-100 Optical Spectrum Analyzer Set

                price is only a placeholder. please contact us for pricing withlight opi-100 optical spectrum analyzer withlight opi-100 source meter & auxiliary power supply keithley 2400 sourcemeter p3-scribe-2 manufactured ye...

                No price
                Tustin, CA, USA
              • Ando AQ6319 Optical Spectrum Analyzer GOTST3491070

                • Manufacturer: Ando

                  open time: 5 september 2017 12:00 am et / close time: 7 september 2017 05:00 pm et ando aq6319 optical spectrum analyzer, 100-120/200-240v, 50/60hz, mfg 2004, s/n 27da05276. unit powers up but does not boot compl...

                  No price
                  Hayward, CA, USA
                • Ando Aq6315B Optical Spectrum Analyzer&n

                  • Manufacturer: Ando

                    ando aq6315b optical spectrum analyzer condition: used rent price: per month analysis functions for wdm and other optical devices (ld, led, fbg, etc.). provides ±0.05 nm wavelength accuracy in the 1550 nm band, w...

                    $14,500 (USD)
                    United States
                  • Rohde & Schwarz FSH6 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer 100kHz- 6 GHz GOFED3092778

                    • Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz

                      open time: 1 august 2017 12:00 am et / close time: 3 august 2017 05:00 pm et rohde & schwarz fsh6 handheld spectrum analyzer 100khz- 6 ghz, s/n 102375, sennheiser tx 30 headset, cd rom, rhode & schwarz optical i...

                      No price
                      Lockbourne, OH, USA
                    • spectrolab spectro m8 Optical Emission Spectrometer SPARK METAL ANALYZER OES ARC

                      • Manufacturer: Spark

                        spectrolab m8 optical emission spectrometer call with any questions spectrolab m8 is a high end optical emision spectrometer for the analysis of fe ...

                        $16,999 (USD)
                        Antigo, WI, USA
                      • 83483A Agilent Analyzer

                        • Manufacturer: Agilent

                          the 83483a is a analyzer from agilent. analyzers are key tools to test electronic equipment in the engineering, medical, automotive, and technological industries. use analyzers for monitoring the performances of ...

                          No price
                          Elgin, IL, USA

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