• Holsø HCV 170

    $30,012 - Ribe, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: LS

    holsø hook lifts carriage 17 ton. bogie blocking std. hydraulic outriggers std. available with ls hydraulic function available in sizes 8-12-15-17 ton

  • Holsø HCV-120

    $19,242 - Ribe, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Holsø

    holsø hook lifts carriage 12 t. quality carriage, hydraulic bogielås. additional equipment: metal screens, hydraulic switching between hook / tips price interrogation. most wagon for money select ...

  • Holsø HCV-170

    $30,012 - Ribe, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Holsø

    holsø hcv-170 hook lifts wagon. the trolley can load 18.000 kg lots of equipment. see more at or contact julius mountain on 40332661

  • Holsø HCV-220

    $40,495 - Ribe, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Holsø

    holsø 3 axle trailer hook lifts payloads. can loading 24.000 kg - 21.000 kg legally on the road. the trolley is 6 meter containers. available with coercive control ring, weight transfer, and much m...

  • Other BHS undercarriage

    $1,149 - Ribe, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Keenan

    powerful and strong base from keenan wagon. is with hydraulic brakes, can be used for many things bla machine trailer.