• 1937 Weigel Copper vessel (lauter tun) Ornamental Equipment

    • Manufacturer: Weigel

      order: 200616cku (please always indicate) brief description: manufacturer: weigl, y.o.c.: 1937, capacity: 135 hl lauter tun, copper manufacturer: weigel y.o.c: 1937 cap...

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      Freising, Germany
    • 1937 Weigel Copper vessel (mash kettle) Ornamental Equipment

      • Manufacturer: Weigel

        order: 200615cku (please always indicate) brief description: manufacturer: weigl, y.o.c.: 1937, capacity: 135 hl mash tun / kettle manufacturer: weigel y.o.c: 1937 capa...

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        Freising, Germany
      • 2012 Manual planter - garden - VALMAS Manual planter for vegetables and flower beds

        • Manufacturer: VAT

          with trowel valmas, planting vegetables and flowers is easy and fast, and also your back and knees. and 'especially suitable for factories of horticultural products species, ornamental and tree nursery rooted in ...

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          Burgerbrug, Netherlands
        • SKMAS Forst Flowmatic Gødningsspreder til juletræe

          • Manufacturer: SKMAS

            skmas forst flowmatic fertilizer spreader for spreading fertilizers in christmas trees, ornamental green and forest. holding contents 1100l, 1800l or 2500l, moldability for spreading to one or both sides, up to ...

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          • Sale of farms or properties : BRETAGNE. Pépinières

            • Manufacturer: BRETAGNE Pépinières

              to transmit in brittany, because of retirement, a company of production of ornamental and fruit nurseries above ground and ground. 90% of the clientele is professional. production site in stages (stages) which ma...

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              Moréac, France
            • 2013 MERCEDES-BENZ 316 CDI, Dyparro VIP passenger van

              • Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz
              • Mileage: 43147 km

              oferta v.i.p. class / offer for v.i.p. class mercedes benz sprinter 316 cdi, motor om 651, 163 cp ampatament 4325 mm / wheelbase 4325 mm; jante din otel 6,5 j x 16 / steel wheels 6,5 j x 16 raport de transmisie 3...

              Moinești, Romania
            • 2016 S-800 Seed Cleaner Machine

              • Manufacturer: S-800

                s-800 seed cleaner machine suitable for cleaning and classifying: wheat, barley, rye, oats, peas, lentils, soybeans, rice, sunflower, corn, alfalfa, clover, pumpkin, parsley, onion seeds, grasses, various organic...

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                Mezőtúr, Hungary