• 2016 Treffler TS 170 Hackstriegel

    $6,557 - Kallnach, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Treffler

    hackstriegel treffler ts 170 working width 1.7m, three-point frame with 2 supporting wheels 1.4 - 2.0m gauge combine harves gr (vegetables + special cultures), hydraulic tine pressure adjustment dw...

  • 2016 Lemken Crystal 9/300 Compact cultivator

    $9,552 - Lyssach, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: LEMKEN

    working width 3m -screw protection -2 tine rows / 7 tines -1 row of trimix coulters -2 series of duomix coulters quick change system -roller roll 540mm on request also available with other rollers ...

  • Kohli/JOVO TBM7.5/4 Submersible mixer

    $4,547 - Gisikon, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Kohli/JOVO

    submersible mixer 7.5 kw; 10 hp, tension 15.8 amperé, 10m cable, stainless steel guide tube holder. other accessories available from stock (shooter control, guide tube, swivel device, etc.)

  • Wälchli Diving Cutting Pump TSP-15F Rotary pump Rev

    $8,159 - Süderen, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Wälchli

    top condition, from revision / service (with guarantee on new parts) new 15ps el.motor, new electric switch, (star / dreick), 1m cable euro plug, cover, for grub depth: 2.2m additional charge: occ....

  • 2007 Wälchli Diving Cutting Pump TSP-15F Rotary pump Rev

    $8,159 - Süderen, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Wälchli

    top condition, ab revision / service (with warranty on new parts) sealing, all bearings, pump blades, all wheels, etc 15ps electric motor, electric switch, (star / triangle), 5m cable euro plug, co...

  • 2016 3m Short disc harrows, top machine at the best price

    $7,934 - Rindisbacher Land- und Forsttechnik, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: 3M

    560mm discs of ofas from italy, lubricated bearings, edge discs and plates, hydr. piggyback for sowing machine. tube rod, also other possible working width 3m. also 4.5m hydr. foldable available fo...

  • 2016 Tajfun RCA 480 JOY Saw-splitting machine

    $27,772 - Langnau bei Reiden, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Tajfun

    wood diameter up to 480mm, conveyor belt 5m with hydraulic winch and +/- 15 ° swivel, oil cooler, electrohydraulic operation via joystick for all functions, pto drive 540u / min, gap cross 12 and 1...

  • 2016 Tehnos MUL 220 LW flail muller New machine: flail mulcher

    $4,109 - Wohlen bei Bern, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Tehnos

    "right guet, right in the pris" tehnos the mulcher the tehnos mulcher is well-known for its high-speed running and excellent working results. see for yourself equipment -heckanbau -gelenkwelle walt...

  • 1988 Wälchli 60.2 Screw pump

    No price - SCHULER-TECH AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Wälchli

    schneckli pump with new stator and rotor. pressure relief valve with weight stone you can choose the performance of the pump from 30-60m3 / h. on request with crank rests or other equipment. 3 mont...

  • 2016 Köckerling Allrounder 5m Top opportunity, large spring tine harrow, light cultivator demogerät

    No price - Rindisbacher Land- und Forsttechnik, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Köckerling
    • Model: ALLROUNDER 5M

    5m demogerät with 1 set of goosefoot and reversible coulter, reed rod, harrow. opportunity. interesting price. just ask köckerling allrounder - universal for seedbed preparation, stubble processing...