• Packard Hydrogen Generator 9200

        packard hydrogen generator 9200

        No price
        Manasquan, NJ, USA
      • Whatman Balston Generators FTIR and NITROGEN and Hydrogen Whatman Hydrogen generator Whatman Nitrogen generator

            whatman balston generators ftir and nitrogen and hydrogen whatman hydrogen generator whatman nitrogen generator call bill at 732-558-6170 to confirm availability used

            No price
            Manasquan, NJ, USA
          • Teledyne HMO2PC1D2 #220623

            • Manufacturer: Teledyne

              3.2 kw, ultrapure oxygen purification system, manufactured by teledyne. titan hm generator series. model # hmo2pc1d2, serial # 0-005, part # m10009-009. designed to work with titan hm generator, ipp stock # 22062...

              No price
              West Windsor Township, NJ, USA
            • 2000 Kw Rolls Royce/us Turbines Gas Generator #41679

                  2,000 kw turbo systemns int (now rolls royce/us turbines), tg-20at gas turbine generator set/complete plant w/9673 total operating hrs. unit consists of twin kawasaki m1t-01 turbine engines, designed for natural ...

                  No price
                  West Windsor Township, NJ, USA
                • 2011 CAT XQ60

                  • Manufacturer: Caterpillar
                  • Model: XQ60
                  • Hours: 5,612

                  hours: 5,612 | rating: 60 kw | comments: caterpillar xq60 rental package, sound-attenuated enclosure, trailer,4000 control panel,dual voltage,149 gallon fuel tank, auto start, safety shutdowns, and other acc. | ...

                  $23,000 (USD)
                  Knoxville, TN, USA
                • ASTeX S-1000i (1KW) Microwave Power Supply, Magnetron, and Waveguide components

                  • Manufacturer: Astex
                  • Power: 208 V     1 Phase

                  rack-mounted s1000i power supply, magnetron head, cable and waveguide components. this is an older vintage power supply which is only recommended to customers who are already supporting related astex microwave go...

                  No price
                  Leominster, MA, USA
                • Astex S-250 250W Microwave Power Generator

                  • Manufacturer: Astex
                  • Power: 110 V     1 Phase

                  compact s250 110 volt unit. variable power output in range of 10-250w cw. wr284 waveguide output easily adaptable to coax microwave delivery. tested and ready to ship on short notice. microwave power generator re...

                  No price
                  Leominster, MA, USA
                • ESA Corona CAD Detector with Nitrogen Generator, Tested, Working

                  • Manufacturer: ESA

                    since receiving the detector, we connected nitrogen gas and made a few injections of caffeine and detected a change in volts with the detector. ...

                    $5,500 (USD)
                    Salisbury, NC, USA
                  • No price
                    Mundelein, IL, USA
                  • Agilent HP 83592B-002 Sweep Generator Plug-in w/ step attenuator

                    • Manufacturer: Agilent

                      product specs: high output power excellent harmonic performance low cost of ownership     other info: applications for the hp agilent 83592b include scalar network analysis, serving as a local oscillator for down...

                      $4,395 (USD)
                      Londonderry, NH, USA

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