$10,500 - Tyler, MN

    2002 precision 520, hydralic swing on hitch; 385/22.5 cement truck tires

  • CTI Cryogenics CT 8 O43X001

    $3,449 - Leander, TX
    • Manufacturer: CTI

    refurbished in 2010 by fmg.  we fired up this cryo and verified its performance - 12.2k was reached in about 3 hours, with a base pressure of 1.9e-7 torr.

  • Applied Materials AMAT 0090-02549 Q02P020

    $2,799 - Leander, TX
    • Manufacturer: Major

    this unit was pulled from a working setup that was being decommissioned, but was not tested separately after removal. i/o motion control box

  • Brooks 127000-123 O41D005

    $1,999 - Leander, TX
    • Manufacturer: Brooks

    this was removed from a decommissioned fabexpress machine and not tested separately.

  • Denso RC5-SBA O33D003

    $3,499 - Leander, TX
    • Manufacturer: LOT

    these came from a closed facility and have not been tested separately.  this is not a complete and ready-to-run set; some expertise will be required to wire/plumb and program this for your applicat...

  • Accent Optical Technologies Caliper Elan Ultra Q21D018

    $14,999 - Leander, TX
    • Manufacturer: Heidenhain

    this lot was decommissioned by a local semiconductor manufacturer.  we do not have the complete system and can't do thorough testing.  the main input power cable was cut, so we ran power cables to ...

  • Hemmi AF2220A26 O06P001

    $999 - Leander, TX
    • Manufacturer: Major

    this autofill system was removed from a working setup that was being decommissioned, but was not tested separately after removal. liquid autofill system

  • Delta Design Turbo-Flex P12D016

    $9,999 - Leander, TX
    • Manufacturer: Delta

    this system is in partial working condition.  we are not expert in use of this machine, but we can plug it in and watch what happens.  it goes through its startup routine, loads the software, and h...

  • Rorze 68RR8151-002-101 Q10D003

    $14,999 - Leander, TX
    • Manufacturer: H&S

    we have not tested this unit. there are several wires disconnected, so minor repairs or rewiring may be necessary.

  • Applied Materials AMAT 0010-76739 N33P011

    $2,884 - Leander, TX
    • Manufacturer: Applied Materials AMAT

    wafer cassette handler quantity: 1 | revision: rev. b | top/bottom: top assembly | wafer size: 8" (200mm) | amat part #: 0010-76739 | total weight: 28.30 lbs. | condition info: refurbished by manuf...