• Blue M POM-256C-1HPX

    $2,750 - Solon, OH, USA
    • Manufacturer: Blue m

    blue-m stainless steel lined recirculating box oven complete with horizontal air flow, single swing-out front door temperature range - 650 degrees f. electric - 240/1/60 instrumentation - control ...

  • Blue M DC-206C

    No price - Solon, OH, USA
    • Manufacturer: Blue m

    terms and conditions: this item is being sold “as is, where is”. no returns or exchanges. the buyer is responsible for verifying the condition and operational functions. sale must be completed with...

  • Despatch V-29 STD

    $4,350 - Solon, OH, USA
    • Manufacturer: Despatch

    despatch recirculating box oven complete with horizontal air flow, single swing-out front door with (2) shelves temperature range - 500 degrees f. electric - 480/3/60 12kw instrumentation - side m...

  • Hewlett Packard G2500A LC Gene Array Scanner with Affymetrix 640

    $2,500 - Mountain View, CA, USA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Hewlett packard

    g2500a liquid chromatographer gene array scanner with affymetrix stovall hybridization oven model 640, the g2500a lc is used to read dna probe arrays containing more genetic information and can sca...

  • Tektronix MCA3027

    $9,377 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Tektronix

    tektronix mca3027 opts: extra discount available. timer/counter/analyzer 27 ghz,plus 2 300 mhz channels, demo with 3 year warranty, perform advanced frequency analysis with time resolution down to ...

  • Agilent HP 83752A

    $5,495 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Agilent
    • Model: 83752A

    agilent hp hp agilent 83752a 1e5 - 10 mhz to 20 ghz synthesized microwave sweeper with oven timebase option. in stock condition: reconditioned the agilent 83752a sweeper brings outstanding synthesi...

  • Rohde & Schwarz CMU200

    $3,000 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz
    • Model: CMU200

    rohde & schwarz cmu200 communications test set v10 - options b12-b21-b54-b56-b68-b96-b99-u65 k16-k17-k20-k21-k22-k23-k24 k42-k43-k47-k48-k57-k58-k59-k61 k62-k63-k64/u62-k65-k66-k67-k68-k69 the r&s®...

  • Tektronix Frequency Counter MCA3027

    $9,376 - Elgin, IL, USA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Tektronix

    the mca3027 is a frequency counter from tektronix. when an engineer needs a piece of electronic test equipment that will accurately measure frequency, he or she uses a frequency counter. frequency ...

  • Agilent HP E4404B ESA-E

    $5,998 - Germany
    • Manufacturer: Agilent

    keysight (agilent/hp) e4404b esa-e opts: a4h the esa series mid-performance spectrum analyzer provides the best overall performance with proven and guaranteed specifications. this general-purpose s...