• 106 Batch Oven Blue M 600°F

    $3,200 - Minneapolis, MN, USA
    • Manufacturer: Blue m

    model 106 batch oven, s# dc-6802, max temp 316°c/600°f, digital temp gauge, 208-240v 3ph 60hz, more info coming soon

  • V-29 Despatch Electric Oven 500°F

    $2,900 - Minneapolis, MN, USA
    • Manufacturer: Despatch

    model v-29, s# 102611, max temp 500°f, inside dim. 24"d x 36"w x 36"h, (5) screened shelves, (11) hold brackets, 6"w x 9"h port windows, quick latch front hinged doors, 4" od top vent, ...

  • 706SL-L Johnson Gas Fired Furnace 130,000 BTU

    $1,950 - Minneapolis, MN, USA
    • Manufacturer: Johnson

    model 706sl-l, s# 140 ka, 130,000 btu/hr., type of gas natural, more info coming soon

  • 2-1350 NEY 2-1350 Series II Furnace

    $1,800 - Minneapolis, MN, USA

      model 2-1350, series ii, p/n 94/92/279a, s# ckk 9134-101, inside dim. 11.75"w x 8.5"h x 11"d, ceramic inside construction, setup for 3 shelves, 1 shelf with kiln, 2"od vent top center, digital...

    • Lindberg Electric Lab Furnace 1,010°C

      $1,000 - Minneapolis, MN, USA

        type 51441, s# 721085, max temp 1,010°c, inside dim. 16"d x 7.5"w x 5.5"h, ceramic construction, swing down door, 230v 4290 watts, control cabinet: type 59344, s# 721088, power on/off - t...

      • 1995 Keith Furnace Bell Type 2,700°F

        $40,000 - Minneapolis, MN, USA
        • Manufacturer: Bell

        inside dim. 4' x 4' x 4', max temp 2,700°f/1,300°c, 6 zone digital controls, year 1995, 460v 3ph, comes with 1 car, nice design holds heat a lot better, this furnace came straight ...

      • Lindberg Elect. Lab Furnace 1,200°F

        $1,000 - Minneapolis, MN, USA

          type 59344, s# 889068, max temp from 400 to 1,200°f, inside dim. 16"d x 7.5"w x 5.5"h, ceramic construction, swing down door, 120/208/240v 50/60hz, control cabinet: power on/off - ...

        • Lindberg Elect. Melting Pot Furnace 1,250°F

          $4,900 - Minneapolis, MN, USA

            type 3336eh, s# 3994, max temp 1,250°f, inside dim. 38"r x 42"d, has swing arm to lift off lid cover, 66kw 220/440v 3ph, blower motor 2hp 220/440v 3ph

          • F30428C Thermolyne Elect. Lab Furnace 2,000°F

            $1,400 - Minneapolis, MN, USA

              model f30428c, s# 54400373, max temp. 1,093°c/2,000°f, 208v 1ph 60hz 5,500 watts 26.4amps, programmable control w/ digital read out, inside dim. 14"d x 13.5"w x 14"h fiber ...

            • Lindberg 2,000°F Atmosphere Furnace

              $2,000 - Minneapolis, MN, USA

                22kw 100v 3ph, s# 9306, type ro-153012-a, inside dim. 44"d x 17"w x 18"h, overall dim. 72"l x 80"h x 51"w