No price - Charlotte, NC Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: FRIULMAC

    elect./voltage: 460 v, 60 cy, 3 ph friulmac dual feed double end cut-off saw: -- for squaring the work pieces and for transportation to a planer or moulder with a straightening table. -- 59" max. (...


    No price - Bannockburn, IL Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Hyd-Mech

    new - 31"h x 18"w hyd-mech v-18apc automatic vertical tilt frame band saw the v-18apc is an automatic vertical band saw with the ability to miter from 45° left to 45° right. the v-18apc is fast, wi...

  • 1996 Koelle FORMATIC Squaring and edging circular saw

    $10,435 - Grünow, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Koelle
    • Model: FORMATIC

    special features: for sawing solid wood and panel materials made of wood engine speed saw unit: 2855 u / min engine speed scoring: 2765 u / min 4 blade speeds: min (set manually) 1 vorritzerdrehzah...

  • 2004 BALESTRIERI GALAXY 1 Panel saw for curved

    No price - Italy
    • Manufacturer: BALESTRIERI

    panel for curved model galaxy 1 brand balestrierila machine is born for cutting curved plated and works by copying the profile to be cut with a special copier isolating valve is fit...

  • panel saw HOMAG SAWTECH kind used CHF 325/38/38 OPTIMAT - the machine is eq

    $29,120 - Nevers, France
    • Manufacturer: Homag

    panel saw homag sawtech kind used chf 325/38/38 optimat - the machine is equipped with a compatible pc windows, color screen, keyboard and optical mouse - automatic squaring device - cutting length...

  • Angular beam saw - STEMAC

    No price - Silvi, Italy
    • Manufacturer: STEMAC

    note: stacker available | control: cni | grippers: 8 + 16

  • 2005 SELCO EB 70 FRONT LOAD, AUTO. PANEL SAW [PK-011077]

    $24,500 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Selco

    selco eb 70 horizontal beam cnc panel saw:specifications: -- 149" (3,800 mm) overall cutting length, 2.75" cutting height (80 mm saw blade projection), 10 hp main & 3 hp scoring motor. -- modular...

  • 2009 HOLZKRAFT S350 WS32 Sliding table saw

    No price - Wesel, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Holzkraft

    panel saw holzkraft s 350 ws32 bj.2009 price 4,950 net hardware: with motorized height adjustment of the saw unit and 3 cutting speeds of and 5,000 1 / min. v-belt set an opening in the working tab...

  • HOKUBEMA 680I20 the thoughtful sliding table saw

    $23,443 - Radeberg, Germany

      panhans hokubema squaring and edging circular saw   type 680i20 with swivel saw unit of 0-47 °   incl. scoring unit auto-eps with parking positioning   machine first from hokubema-panhans with th...

    • SCM MiniMax Si 3 L'invincibile sliding table saw

      No price - Austria
      • Manufacturer: SCM MiniMax

      sliding table saw scm minimax si 3 l'invincibile new machine craftsmanship and bespoke the advantages of an exclusive choice. buying a \"l\'invincibile \" machine means you get a customized solutio...