• Rademaker Pastry Sheeter

    No price - Chelmsford, United Kingdom

      lot 351 rademaker three roll extruder serial: 7026-720 2006, stainless, three roll pastry extruder/sheeter, 900mm rollers, two fluted rollers one smooth roller, variable product thickness, ideal f...

    • Showcase pastry De Blasi

      $1,610 - Faenza, Italy Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: De Blasi

      lot 47 pastry de blasi - pink and green headband - curved glasses - dimensions cm. 204x94x120h.

    • 1990 CHERRY BURRELL 3500 Gallon Vertical Insul Jacketed SS Tank -14815

      No price - Ball Ground, GA, USA
      • Manufacturer: Cherry Burrell

      3500 gallon agitated tank, 96"id x 105"sw x 191"overall height, 316ss construction, (2)thermowells, designed for cooling product 0.5 deg f per hour using 34 deg f chilled water, originally designed...

    • Used- Comas DI 800 Filler for Bakery Products, (e.g. donut , croissant, sweet cakes)

      No price - Bensenville, IL, USA
      • Manufacturer: Comas

      44204002 used- comas di 800 filler for bakery products, (e.g. donut , croissant, sweet cakes). equipped with (2) heads, (10) rows, with siemens touch panel controls. weight range 0.11 - 0.44 lbs (5...

    • Kalmeijer KGM Pastry Shaping Machine Spekulatius

      No price - Utrecht, Netherlands Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Kalmeijer

      for sale pastry shaping machine kalmeijer spekulatius manufacturer: kalmeijer type: kgm incl. 3 rolls with speed controller dimension 50x55x121 driveable suitable for making speculatius and other ...

    • KAAK BT 2000

      No price - Crécy-la-Chapelle, France Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: BT Equipment

      production of choux pastry, meringues, macaroons, rochers

    • Gas Convection Pastry Furnace

      No price - Utrecht, Netherlands

        gas convection oven for pastry, capacity gn 5x 600x400 mm - interior and exterior manufactured in stainless steel aisi 304, spun glass isolation. - cooking room : entirely welded, totally watertigh...

      • Electric convection pastry oven

        No price - Utrecht, Netherlands

          electric convection pastry oven, 16x 600x400 mm interior and exterior manufactured in stainless steel aisi 304, spun glass isolation. cooking room :entirely welded, totally watertight, angles and c...

        • Polin Multi drop Pastry Machine

          No price - Babenhausen, Germany
          • Manufacturer: Polin

          pastry machine polin multidrop model: md-393 tipo c / ii for cutting biscuits and shortbread cookies stainless steel design machine can be moved connection 400v, 16a-cee plug

        • Rondo Compactline Feingebäcklinie 514506

          No price - Babenhausen, Germany
          • Manufacturer: Rondo

          kalli brier unit cutting unit working table filling device worm roller guillotine length about 8 feet accessories: 1 display with many special rolls / cutters consisting of: