• Pastry Shaping Machine Kalmeijer

        original kalmeijer pastry molding machine kgm type 2 machine is completely overhauled two rollers, speculatius & tip roller, tip clamp ten new kalmeijer sheets instruction manual machine protection hood warranty ...

        Velbert, Germany
      • JANSSEN Pastry shaping machine

        • Manufacturer: Janssen

          • type fm 128 k4 • general overhaul • manual control • includes 3 rolls • dimensions: width 120 cm, depth 50 cm, height 135 cm • weight: 250 kg • connection / motor power: 380/400 v, 16 a plug • scope of delivery...

          Bergkamen, Germany
        • Pastry-making machine / injection machine / LOKMA machine

              second hand well-maintained biscuit forming machine dosing and spraying machine for spray cakes donuts and quarkballs lokma can be directly placed in the hot fat bath. stamp for miniballs, 4 pieces per stroke tec...

              No price
              Cologne, Germany
            • KALMEIJER Speckulatiusmaschine Pastry molding machine with 2 rolls

              • Manufacturer: Kalmeijer, Niederlande

                kalmeijer pastry shaping machine suitable for the production of speculatius and other small pastries roller heatable in 2 steps (1000 and 2000 watt) dough thickness adjustable up to 11 mm speed regulation need? o...

                No price
                Cologne, Germany
              • A. Fritsch KG Rollfix 3WK630 Pastry roll machine #4934

                • Manufacturer: Fritsch

                  a. fritsch kg; rollfix 3wk630; ser. nr. : 3wk630117717867 ext. dim. : 1800x1100x1150mm voltage : 380v

                  No price
                  Berlin, Germany
                • Vuurslag Biscuit Rotary Machine Vuurslag

                  • Manufacturer: Vuurslag

                    working wide: 800 mm 7kuwynj8p - produces biscuit shapes from short dough - designed for mowing a diameter of 205 or 258 mm, with two or three individual variable drives - good working condition

                    Düsseldorf, Germany
                  • KAAK BT 2000

                    • Manufacturer: BT Equipment

                      production of choux pastry, meringues, macaroons, rochers

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                      Crécy-la-Chapelle, France
                    • BONNAND LORNAC Straightener

                      • Manufacturer: BONNAND LORNAC

                        width: 1200 mm

                        No price
                        Crécy-la-Chapelle, France
                      • RECORD MACHINE

                        • Manufacturer: ERIKA REKORD

                          record roll press machine / dough dividing and moulding machine 30 piece 100 einteillung 30 gr-gr. with 3 active plate robust and manual steering the machine works great, and can immediately be put into operation...

                          North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
                        • CB 400 Machine for square and ciabatta breads

                              recent: end of year 2010 | work width: 400 mm

                              No price
                              Crécy-la-Chapelle, France