• Woods 3180 Batwing Mower

    $6,750 - Bloomsburg, PA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Woods

    all year long, you can always use a batwing mower. the woods 3180 batwing mower provides a strong mower to cut back the grass, weeds, or stalks that you need done. this is one of the best ways to k...

  • Rhino Apex 3150 Batwing Mower

    No price - Bloomsburg, PA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Rhino

    this is a brand new, 15' bat wing mower. this rhino apex 3150 batwing mower will help you take care of the farm and keep it looking clean. this heavy duty mower is the perfect piece of equipment to...


    $2,890 - Sewell, United Kingdom
    • Manufacturer: Spearhead

    high capacity rotary cutter, 3 rotary blades, 9ft/2.74m, pto speed 540rpm. this high quality spearhead pasture topper is in excellent condition and ready for use. £2,250 +vat

  • TEAGLE DUAL 285 Flail Mower

    $7,348 - United Kingdom
    • Manufacturer: Teagle

    front or rear mounted, suitable for material upto 5cm diameter, double skinned body for strength and durability catagory 2 linkage 50hp-100hp, pto speed 540 rpm or 1000 rpm, hydraulic side shift to...

  • 2001 Reco ferri tl200x flail mower

    $2,939 - Slingsby, United Kingdom Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Reco

    year 2001, 2 meter cutting width, boot type flails, pto driven, hydraulic lift and sideshift.

  • 2010 Ferri ZMTE 2000

    $4,328 - Falkenberg, Sweden
    • Manufacturer: Ferri

    country: sweden | division: farm equipment | attachments: y-slagor | working width: 6.56 feet | drive configuration: mounted

  • Bobcat Finish Mower 72"

    $3,337 - Hungary
    • Manufacturer: Bobcat

    country: hungary | division: farm equipment | working width: 6 feet

  • 1995 Kverneland FX300

    $3,885 - Ängelholm, Sweden
    • Manufacturer: Kverneland

    new drive belts new y-strokes country: sweden | division: farm equipment | working width: 9.84 feet | drive configuration: mounted


    $9,092 - Seinäjoki, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Elho

    broad and effective piennarmurskain. the machine comes with a replaceable blade of grass series. the machine in full operation. the machine still holding in kuortane, but free and instant retrieval...


    $9,413 - Seinäjoki, Finland

      siist cabe, though a bit described in the twilight!