• 1974 National 5/16 S2

    No price - France
    • Manufacturer: National
    • Capacity: 0 t

    capacity: 0 t | division: metal forming | cnc brand: no cnc

  • 2015 Gaspardo Renata MTR 8 Trailed 27500€

    $28,732 - Europe
    • Manufacturer: Gaspardo

    description gaspardo renata 8r * 8-row 70-75cm * mtr aggregate up to 150kg of percussion for maize and sunflower * disc harrows as fertilizer * 1600l fertilizer tank * hydraulic track markers in c...

  • 1983 LASCO SKP 2500 screw press

    No price - München, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Lasco

    nominal force:2500 t stroke:600 mm no. of strokes: /min cycle time:13 - 18 s distance between columns:1720 mm distance table/ram, max. stroke up, adjustment up:2600 mm table surface area:1720 x 180...

  • 2008 WEINGARTEN PA 225 screw press

    No price - Kehl, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Weingarten

    pressure:0800 t stroke:230 - 440 mm no. of strokes:21 /min distance table/ram, max. stroke up, adjustment up:940 mm table area:810 x 700 mm ram surface:680 x 700 mm spindle diameter:225 mm allowed ...

  • 1978 BERRENBERG RSSP 200/400 screw press

    No price - Kehl, Germany
    • Manufacturer: BERRENBERG

    pressure:0400 t stroke:280 mm no. of strokes:56 hub/min distance table/ram, max. stroke up, adjustment up:680 mm table surface area:560 x 750 mm allowed max. force:600 t blow die to die:800 t spind...

  • WEINGARTEN PS 125 Spindelschlagpresse WINE GARDEN HP of 125

    No price - Steyr, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Weingarten

    see picture attached c773 machine type: spindelschlagpresse wine garden hp of 125

  • 2005 Franz Berrenberg RSPP 100 t Friction press

    No price - Ennepetal, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Franz Berrenberg

    spindelpresse- friktionspresse- punch press. from the house of berrenberg model rspp year 1966/2005 (new control or control panel) press force 100 ton distance between columns 300 greatest - stroke...

  • 2016 BELTech Bandage fuer Spindelpresse Friction belt for screw press GmbH / Hersteller

    No price - Lüdenscheid, Germany
    • Manufacturer: BELTech GmbH / Hersteller

    conic friction belts for screw press direct from manufacturer we produce friction belts regarding to your sizes for any type of screw press (e. g. sms hasenclever, eumuco, berrenberg, osterwalder, ...