• Original Heidelberg GT

    $6,123 - Radom, Poland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Heidelberg

    original heidelberg gt die cutting machine, creasing, perforation, printing, etc. super state, after service. 100% original, without modifications. format 34x46cm pressing force 60t weight of paper...

  • 2005 Multigraf DCM 45 Creasing and perforation machine

    No price - Wassenberg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Multigraf

    - with creasing and perforation tools csyjx machine type: creasing and perforation machine

  • 1995 Stahl Ti 52 /4-4-KBK - Fi52 #16559

    No price - Prague, Czech Republic Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Stahl

    feeding unit fi 52 max. 300 kg 4 buckles folding station ti 52 4 buckles folding station ti 52 1 cross knife kbk 52 folded sheet press tremat perforation creasing

  • 2016 DEKIA Lightning Creasing machine

    No price - Saxony, Germany
    • Manufacturer: DEKIA

    > this offer is only valid in germany. creasing and perforating machine dekia lightning ideal for the processing of digitally printed sheet 330 x 900 mm material 0.1... 0.4 mm -oberflursauganla...

  • 2002 Stahl TD 78 / 6+6+4 RD - T #16658

    No price - Prague, Czech Republic
    • Manufacturer: Stahl

    pallet feeder 6 buckles 1st station 6 buckles 2nd station 4 buckles 3rd station pressing spine electronic adjustment of folding buckles electronic speed control creasing and perforation on each sta...

  • 2010 Petratto Bat Pile Bar Creasing machine

    No price - Germany
    • Manufacturer: BAT

    bar creasing machine petratto bat pile used machine flat-pile feeders with pressure / vacuum pump and lateral blow air double sheet control groove aggregate with beams and cross beams for positive ...

  • 2010 Multigraf MCM 48

    No price - Čestlice, Czech Republic
    • Manufacturer: Multigraf

    specification: • paper format a3 • feeding friction/suck/vacuum from stack • output mechanical (streem)/electro • no of packets 2 paralel/4 paralel/2 cross • perf...

  • 1997 Bacciottini ROl 110 GB

    No price - Biella, Italy Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Bacciottini

    -perforating (comb), scoring and creasing machine -year 1997, max size 70x110 cms, min. size 15x20 cms. -machine for punch perforation and creasing/grooving with circular punch-type rol 110 -all...

  • 2010 Cito RSP GTO 52

    No price - Dabergotz, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Cito

    better. faster. safer. the next generation of the globally successful rsp system. creasing, die cutting, kiss-cutting and perforating inline: no extra machine without extra staff and without time-c...

  • 2005 CITO Citosystem SM 52 DK

    No price - Dabergotz, Germany
    • Manufacturer: CITO

    rsp finishing system for cito sm 52 dk basic configuration expanded your printing machine easy and inexpensive to real finishing system. creasing, cutting, kiss cutting and perforating inline: no e...