• Analog Devices DSP Microcomputer (ADDS-2101)

    $900 - Ventura, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Analog Devices

    analog devices adds-2101 computer testing equipment ~ dsp microcomputers 16-bit fixed-point dsp microprocessors with on-chip memory, enhanced harvard architecture for three-bus performance: instruc...

  • Aeromatic AG Strea 1

    No price - Fall River, MA, USA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Aeromatic AG

    manufacturer: aeromatic ag model: strea 1 serial #: 30315 product code: 202203 make: aeromatic ag model: strea 1 serial#: 30315 vessels: (1) 20 inch acrylic  film coating vessel (2) 15 inch stainle...


    No price - United States
    • Manufacturer: Waldrich Coburg

    equipped with motorized rotation of head dressing device magnetic coolant filtration 2-axis dro dimensions and weight 0"x 0"x 0" 0mm x 0mm x 0mm 0 0 kg

  • 1995 Peripheriegeraete Peripheral devices

    No price - Vienna, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Peripheriegeraete

    peripheral devices jcchcdv machine type: peripheral devices

  • Zeiss/Humphrey IOL Master Version 5

    No price - Tampa, FL, USA
    • Manufacturer: Zeiss

    this iol master comes complete with zeiss power table, keyboard, printer, calibration tool, manual and all peripherals. this is a version 5. software is upgraded! a non-contact optical device that ...


    $42,840 - Moscow, Russia Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: SAOMAD

    ce mark: yes | control: fixed program | in stock: in the short term, with the location | stepless feed: yes | sloping window: yes | moulding spindles: 3 | spindle diameter mm: 50 | total connectio...

  • NIKON ME-501A Degital

    No price - Aichi Prefecture, Japan
    • Manufacturer: Nikon

    st:120, 80spm, dh:290, adj:70, s:500*400, b:900*500, dc, light type press safety device

  • LP-500E Projector

    No price - Aichi Prefecture, Japan
    • Manufacturer: WASINO

    25t, st:80, 120spm, dh:220, adj:50, sl:250×200, b:700×300, with light type press safety device, with show mount, no dc

  • 1994 HOEFLER H 2500/3100 #1007-6068

    No price - Hilden, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Hoefler

    cnc high speed gear grinding machine höfler h 2500/3100 1974/1994 1994 completely reconditioned and retrofitted by höfler and change to 10-axes cnc, extension of the diameter on 3100 mm, see ...

  • Zeiss/Humphrey 740i

    No price - Tampa, FL, USA
    • Manufacturer: Zeiss

    the i series visual field analyzer machine can be networked easily to other computers and select diagnostic tools. our systems are sold fully refurbished, inspected, and include the zeiss table wit...