• Orion EA940 pH/mV/ISE Meter

    • Manufacturer: Orion

      orion ea940 ph/mv/ise meter. ph range -2.000 to 19.999. oxygen range -2.000 to 19.999 ppm. temp range -10 to 110 deg c. autocalibration ph buffers 4.01, 7.00 & 10.01. 40 character display. inputs 2 sensing electr...

      Golden Valley, MN, USA
    • Fisher Accumet XL20 pH/mV/Temp/Conductivity/Resistivity Meter

      • Manufacturer: Fisher

        fisher accumet xl20 ph/mv/temp/conductivity/resistivity meter. windows ce driven full color touchscreen. extensive setup screens. pasword protection. accepts 2 and 4 cell conductivity probes. sold with new ph pro...

        Golden Valley, MN, USA
      • Corning PH Meter 440

        • Manufacturer: Corning

          fully automatic performance and advanced software suitable for higher education, routine laboratory, agriculture, industrial, medical, environmental, chemical and pharmaceutical applications, range ph -1.99 to 16...

          Mountain View, CA, USA
        • Thermo Orion 720A Plus pH ISE mV ORP Meter

          • Manufacturer: Thermo

            ranges: -2.0 to +20.0 ph; ±1600.0 mv; -5 to +105°c; 0.0 to 19,900 conc. rs-232 port, recorder and karl fisher output two input channels for ph, mv or concentration measurements resolution: 0.001/0.01/0.1 ph; 0.1...

            Hayward, CA, USA
          • Thermo Orion 920A Plus pH ISE mV ORP Meter

            • Manufacturer: Thermo

              resolution: 0.001/0.01/0.1 ph; 0.1 mv; 0.1°c advanced analytical methods two input channels for ph, mv or concentration measurements rs-232 port, recorder and karl fischer output

              Hayward, CA, USA
            • 760 BK Precision Series Meter

              • Manufacturer: BK Precision

                the 760 series are meters from bk precision. a meter is an instrument used to test and measure alternating current (ac) or direct current (dc) voltage, resistance, rf, electric current, and much more. additional ...

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                Elgin, IL, USA
              • Fisher Scientific Accumet Research AR10 (AR 10) pH/mV/°C Meter

                • Manufacturer: Fisher Scientific

                  this fisher scientific accumet research ar10 is in excellent condition.  this system includes a meter, electrode stand and power supply. fisher catalog number: 13-636-ar10a meter, ph; fisher scientific accumet; ...

                  San Diego, CA, USA
                • WTW pH 196 T 20288

                  • Manufacturer: WTW

                    wtw ph-meter ph 196 t. 0-14 ph. +/- 1250 mv. 0-100°c. powersupply unit. digital display. analog recorder output for t and mv. battery operation, appr. 40 hours. with depth probe ta-ph/t. 225x40 mm (lxdia).

                    Burladingen, Germany
                  • Hach Turbidimeter Model 16800 19360

                    • Manufacturer: Hach

                      hach/lange portable turbidimeter 16800. measurement of turbidity in 3 measuring ranges 1,0 - 10 - 100 ntu. digital ph-meter 19000. 0-14 ph. resolution 0,01 ph or 1 mv. bnc- connection for electrode. temperature c...

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                      Burladingen, Germany