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  • AKTA FPLC Amersham Pharmacia Biotech System 18-1118-67

    • Manufacturer: International

      Amersham pharmacia biotech akta fplc system 18-1118-67 specifications: flow rate: 0.01-100 ml/min operating pressure max: 10 mpa (1450 psi) operati ...

      $8,495 (USD)
      Frederick, MD, USA
    • Thermo Finnigan Surveyor HPLC System w/PDA Detector, Autosampler & Pump

      • Manufacturer: Thermo

        Thermo finnigan surveyor hplc system w/pda detector, autosampler & pump specifications: minimum flow rate: 0.2 l/min isocratic, 25 l/min gradient m ...

        $8,995 (USD)
        Frederick, MD, USA
      • Teledyne Isco Combiflash RF Flash Chromatography System

        • Manufacturer: Teledyne

          Teledyne combiflash rf flash chromatography system. this combiflash powers on, initializes, the mechanical arm finds the home position by moving ...

          $5,500 (USD)
          Salisbury, NC, USA
        • Sotax AT 7smar 7smart AT70 BS60 Dissolution System

          • Manufacturer: Sotax

            Priced $11,995.00 sotax at 7smart at70 bs60 dissolution system internal part number 10947 predecessor to: current model. condition: ...

            $11,995 (USD)
            Walpole, MA, USA
          • BioMicroLab XL9 Liquid Handling Dispenser System Laboratory

            • Manufacturer: International

              Up for sale is a biomicrolab liquid handling system xl9 laboratory. good working order. pulled from a working environment. show ...

              $8,000 (USD)
              Wilmington, NC, USA
            • HP 1100 Series HPLC System, Tested, Working with PQ

              • Manufacturer: HP

                System includes: g1312 binary pump, g1315 dad, g1313 autosampler, g1322 degasser, g1316 column oven, computer with preloaded chemstation software, mon ...

                $12,300 (USD)
                Salisbury, NC, USA

                • Manufacturer: PANLAB

                  All the unites turn on including the computer. sold as it is. we don't have the knowledge to test it this unit has been removed from a worki ...

                  $6,999 (USD)
                  Brockton, MA, USA
                • Arthrex HD3 Synergy System with Tablet

                  • Manufacturer: Arthrex

                    Ar-3200t arthrex hd3 synergy system with tablet ...

                    $16,000 (USD)
                    Mokena, IL, USA
                  • Sonosite Titan Portable Ultrasound System w/ Cart & Manual Medical

                    • Manufacturer: Titan

                      Up for sale is a sonosite titan portable ultrasound system w/ cart & manual. good working order. shows signs of us ...

                      $5,000 (USD)
                      Wilmington, NC, USA
                    • SCIEX ABI/ API 3000 with Shimadzu/Waters 2777 LC/MS/MS System.

                      • Manufacturer: API

                        Bi/sciex api 3000 with shimadzu/waters 2777 lc/ms/ms system. ery clean complete fully calibrated abi/sciex api 3000 mass spectrometer(last cali ...

                        $19,999 (USD)
                        Bear, DE, USA