• 1999 BASF CW 35x50

    No price - Dabergotz, Germany
    • Manufacturer: BASF

    basf cw 30x50 is a complete photopolymer machine to manufacture water washable flexo printing plates up to 350x500 mm. with the cw you can make a perfect flexo printing plate in a very short time. ...

  • Heidelberg Prosetter 74, B2-4-up, 2005

    No price - Hamburg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Heidelberg
    • Model: PROSETTER 74

    30mw violet laser to expose photopolymer metal plates manual loading offline g & j raptor 68p with preheat 1-bit-tiff-shooter & rip

  • 2009 Logotec CMS Plate

    No price - Dabergotz, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Logotec

    filtration system for the developer section of plate processors for ctp and ctc technology continuously cleans the developer section and thus allows to substantially increase production availabilit...

  • 2003 Agfa CTP with the LP 82 Ultra online plate p

    No price - Karnataka, India
    • Manufacturer: Agfa

    agfa palladio ctp with the lp 82 ultra online plate processor ctp system and plate processor agfa palladio and a agfa lp 82 ultra online xzasq7jjw this is the agfa palladio ctp with the lp...