• Pillow-pack machine

    No price - Germany

      pillow-pack machine used machine pillow-pack machine rovemabeuelformat was 10 and 20 l (16 kg) to the pick of wood pellets eingesetztbeutelgrößen 48 x 20 cm and 52 x 45 cm

    • 1993 Kopas JK 200FM-2R Vertical pillow-pack machine

      No price - Sinn, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Kopas

      vertical pillow-pack machine as back-built rider engine in good zustand.ausgeruestet with 2 sets of format for about 60 or 100 mm bag width the machine is technically reviewed before submitting and...

    • 1994 Simionato MH7 Vertical pillow-pack machine

      No price - Sinn, Germany Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Simionato

      heisssiegelungs system longitudinal and transverse, total 3 format sets for bag breadths of approx. 150, 180 and 200 mm related to the machines. the machine is the technically seen and sold only fu...

    • 1999 PANDA Panda 2000 Horizontal Pillow-Pack Machine

      $16,850 - Düsseldorf, Germany
      • Manufacturer: PANDA

      flow pack machine manufacturer: panda model: panda 2000 year of manufacture: 1999 jaws centrax: mm jaws number: 2 - 4 product sizes length: 50 / 200 mm width: 10 /140 mm height: 10 / 60 mm film and...

    • 2000 Hassia/Redatron RV 1560 Tubular bag machines vertical

      No price - Germany
      • Manufacturer: Hassia

      tubular bag machines vertical hassia/redatron rv 1560 used machine vertical pillow-pack machine with band dosage stop shaking and tipping device page folding format sets 20/50/80 ltr. for sale. mac...

    • B&C RV80 Sagging plants for bulk materials

      No price - Germany
      • Manufacturer: B&C

      sagging plants for bulk materials b&c rv80 used machine b & c vertical pillow-pack machine with pe welding device and double scale-25 kg packaging for sale. system is now ready for use. for...

    • 2007 GNA Yellow Plus Tubular bag machines horizontal

      $20,781 - Stainz, Austria
      • Manufacturer: GNA

      tubular bag machines horizontal gna yellow plus used machine horizontal pillow-pack machine with automatic infeed. machine is in very good condition. transverse sealing passage height 120 mm

    • Form Fill & Seal Machine, Bradwood Packaging #5185

      No price - Sydney, Australia
      • Manufacturer: Bradwood Packaging

      form fill & seal machine, brand: bradwood packaging unit is a complete form fill & sealing line to fill powders into a pillow pack. bag width: 110mm.   line consists of:   1 x stainless steel bradw...

    • Rose Foregrove RF 250

      $8,986 - Germany
      • Manufacturer: Rose Foregrove

      rose foregrove rf 250 used machine pillow-pack machine max 80 packages per minute thermally sealed

    • sigpack systems model hsf.horizontal high speed pillow pack flow wrapper for three sided seal with recloseable zipper pak.

      No price - Marlboro Township, NJ
      • Manufacturer: Sig Doboy

      serial # s-0952-hsf-005. features all stainless steel construction with polished finish, rotating 14" wide cross seal for speeds up to 800 ppm, produces hermetically sealed three sided sealed pouch...