• Planing machine Thule

    No price - Pirkkala, Finland
    • 1980 Koelle HD63 thickness planing machine

      No price - Bavaria, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Koelle

      thickness planing machine koelle hd63 used machine type: hd63 used machine working width: 630mm maxworking height: 220mm 2-blade shaft feed roller: stehl - dividet outfeed roller: rubber electricta...

    • 1988 Koelle DH50 thickness planing machine

      No price - Bavaria, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Koelle

      thickness planing machine koelle dh50 used machine type: dh50 used machine working width: 500mm maxworking height: 220mm 4-blade shaft feed roller: stehl outfeed roller: rubber electrictable stroke...

    • 1988 Guiliet KXR four side planing machine

      No price - Bavaria, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Guiliet

      four side planing machine guiliet kxr used machine type: kxr used machine working width: 20 - 230mm working height: 6 - 130mm power: 20kw feed speed: variable electric.height adjustment year of con...

    • Mahros BEN-200 Magazine for quadrilateral planing machine

      $2,090 - Pfarrkirchen, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Mahros

      weight: 200 kg if you buy a complete maintenance of the machine is done

    • Gear planing machine model 5A250P

      No price - Saratov, Russia

        machine - universal, designed for cutting spur bevel gears and used in various operating conditions, but is particularly suitable for small batch and unit production.

      • 1989 GEA / Casadei FS51 Combined planing machine

        No price - Hesse, Germany
        • Manufacturer: GEA

        power supply 400v-4kw extraction 1 x 160 mm planing height 230 mm planing width 520 mm tersa-4-knife-shaft planing height is electrically adjustable dressing tables folding wxhxd: 2300 x 1000 x 980...

      • 1996 REX HOMS 410-K Wide planing machines

        No price - Murnau am Staffelsee, Germany Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: REX

        wide planing machines rex homs 410-k used machine working width 410 mm working height 250 mm number of spindles 2 (bottom-top) with each 50mm diameter and cone clamp motor power 7.5-11 kw feed spee...

      • Favretto TD250/S Planing machine 2500x600

        No price - Sweden
        • Manufacturer: Favretto

        favretto type td250/s grinding length: 2500 mm grinding width: 600 mm maximum work piece height: 700 mm main spindle: 15 kw (20 hp) 960 rpm/m universal spindles (2x): 4 kw universal heads possib...

      • GF+ Georg Fischer (Schweiz) HDM 61 Combined Abrichte - and thickness planing machines

        $2,612 - Roßleithen, Austria
        • Manufacturer: Fischer

        surface planer: planing width 610 mm maximum chip thickness 0-10 mm entire table length 2050 mm task table length 1080 mm acceptance table length 1000 mm manual task table adjustment chip depth ind...