• Plasma Pro II Automatic Duct Liner Cutting Machines and Systems

    No price - Charlotte Hall, MD, USA

      automated cutting of fiber glass insulation for duct liners download the liner pro software for your existing duct software dramatically improves material utilization and overall quality both route...

    • 10'x 20' Victory II CNC Plasma/Oxy 400 Amp High Difinition Ultra-Cut, 2011

      No price - Helena, AL, USA

        machine specifications: travel capacity..................................10'x 20' placma cutting capacity..........................400 amps equipped with: ultra-cut 400 with auto gas lifter cables ...

      • PLASMA CUT CR 2500x12000

        No price - Lombardy, Italy

          plasma cutting brand cr 2500x12000. generator complete hypertherm 2000 cnc, separate tubs. used and fully functional.

        • 2016 hicut Plasma-cut 3020

          $61,995 - Kokkola, Finland
          • Manufacturer: Hicut

          hicut plasma cutters are ce-marked, safe and proven. plasma cutting machines are designed and manufactured in finland. plasma-cut 3020 plasma cutter cutting area size 2000x3000 mm. plasma power sup...

        • Plasma cuts Röwac Swiss Plasma Cut 30 L in good condition. (Auction 470 #0278)

          No price - Årslev, Denmark Recently Added

            review: 19/05/17 | collection: 29/05/17 | current bid: 188 € | bidding end time: 24-05-2017 14:00:00

          • 2005 C & G Cutting Systems Aviator XL 27804

            No price - Melville, NY, USA Recently Added
            • Manufacturer: C & G Cutting Systems
            • Capacity: 100 Amp

            burny phantom 6t cnc controls (1) plasma torch auto-cut 100 amp power supply inspect under power in plant

          • 2011 VICTORY PLASMA CUTTER

            No price - Simi Valley, CA, USA
            • Manufacturer: VICTORY

            10' x 20' water table with ultra-cut 400amp auto gas and 1 oxy fuel head new victor thermal dynamics controller nesting software lifter for plasma and oxy fuel collision sensors yaskawa motors all ...

          • Alltra Plasma/Flame NC Shapecutting System G14-14 Plasma Cutter

            No price - Duarte, CA, USA

              stock id: #8037 specifications: year:2000 48” x 120” cutting capacity thermal dynamics dmc-3000 gas mixer burny controller thermal dynamics 300 amp power supply micro-air (8) filter draft tower sin...

            • WHITNEY 3400 XP CNC PUNCH & PLASMA

              No price - United States
              • Manufacturer: Whitney
              • Weight: 1,000 lbs

              equipped with hypertherm plasma generator hydraulic punching forming mode (reverses ram on pressure) automatic punch lubrication automatic repositioning initial set of tooling cartridges and adapte...

            • 2006 Alltra CNC Plasma with Hypertherm HPR260

              $79,500 - Waukesha, WI, USA
              • Manufacturer: Hypertherm

              2006 alltra model: pg14-12  cnc plasma cutting system standard specifications: maximum cut size                                                                12’ x 8’ electrical requirements      ...