$8,500 - Houston, TX, USA
    • Manufacturer: Varian

    tr> varian vacuum system 904-0111 b with rf5s rf plasma generator helix cryo-torr 8 high vacuum pump del match pro cpm-1000 ... read more

  • RF Plasma Products HFS-2000D RF Plasma Generator 2kW @ 13.56 MHz

    No price - Ventura, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: RF Plasma Products

    rf plasma products hfs-2000d rf plasma generator 2kw @ 13.56 mhz output: 2 kw @ 13.56 mhz line voltage: 208 / 240 volt ac, 3-phase, 13.2 / 11.5 amp overall dimensions: 27" x 23" x 63.5" tall -- ...

  • Balzers RFS 302 RF Power Supply 2.5kW @ 13.56 MHz Plasma Generator

    No price - Ventura, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Balzers

    balzers rfs 302 rf power supply 2.5kw @ 13.56 mhz plasma generator output: 2.5 kw @ 13.56 mhz line voltage: 380 volt ac, 3-phase, 5400 va, 8.2 amp, 50 / 60 hz balzers rfs 302 power supply fritz hu...

  • Plasma-Therm HFS 3000D 3kW 13.56MHz RF Generator Eimac 5CX1500A Jenning UCS300

    $2,500 - Ventura, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Plasma-Therm Inc

    plasma-therm inc hfs 3000d 3 kw 13.56 mhz rf generator with eimac 5cx1500a tube & jenning ucs300-15d2364 capacitor eimac 5cx1500a (5cx-1-500a) rf power amplifier tube jennings ucs300-15d2364 varia...

  • Dionex Gas Plasma Systems RF Generator / Power Supply for Series 2000 4CX1500B

    $2,000 - Ventura, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Dionex

    dionex gas plasma systems pm119 rf generator / power supply for series 2000 4cx1500b unit powers on and the internal fan spins. we are unable to test further pm119-500 watt generator unit contains...

  • Astex S-1000i (1KW) Microwave Power Supply, Magnetron, and Waveguide components

    No price - Sterling, MA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Astex
    • Power: 208 V 1 Phase

    rack-mounted s1000i power supply, magnetron head, cable and waveguide components. this is an older vintage power supply which is only recommended to customers who are already supporting related ast...

  • Astex S-250 250W Microwave Power Generator

    No price - Leominster, MA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Astex
    • Power: 110 V 1 Phase

    compact s250 110 volt unit. variable power output in range of 10-250w cw. wr284 waveguide output easily adaptable to coax microwave delivery. tested and ready to ship on short notice. microwave pow...

  • Nordson March (AP-300) and Edwards (E2M28) AP-300 (plasma cleaner) with E2M28 (pump) PRO-3144

    $22,250 - San Jose, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Edwards

    a compact and benchtop model, the nordson march plasma system ap-300 has a volume capacity of 33.1 liters, supported by up to seven (7) adjustable shelves in the reaction chamber. it operates at te...

  • Seren L1001 61022

    $3,250 - Freehold Township, NJ, USA
    • Manufacturer: Seren

    1000w variable frequency rf generator. the seren l1001 is a second-generation, 1000 watt, 100-460 khz rf generator. this lightweight, air cooled unit is designed to exceed the most stringent vacuum...

  • ENI HF-300T 61260

    $1,500 - Freehold Township, NJ, USA
    • Manufacturer: ENI

    300 watt 13.56 mhz rf generator. max. output power: 300w. frequency: 13.56 mhz. forced air cooling.