• PlasmaQuest 6" Load-Lock Microwave-ECR Plasma etch system

    No price - Sterling, MA
    • Manufacturer: PlasmaQuest

    plasmaquest high density plasma etch tool equipped with 6-inch load lock. unique combo of permanent magnet and electromagnets for ecr (electron cyclotron resonance) ecr-enhancment of microwave plas...

  • Astex Alternative to Model LS Water-Cooled Dummy Load for use with 1.5kW systems

    No price - Sterling, MA
    • Manufacturer: Astex

    astex (mks instruments) dummy load equipped with wr284 waveguide and 3/8" swagelok ss adaptors. female pipe-threaded design minimizes wear and tear common to older generation astex dummy loads. new...

  • Astex AX3120 Circulator with Directional Coupler

    No price - Sterling, MA
    • Manufacturer: Astex

    astex 3-way circulator equipped with integrated coupler and signal processing board. integrated coupler output is used for reflected power measurement. intended for use with astex generators such a...

  • 2000 Astex FI20166 (3750-01147) (AMAT) SmartMatch Tuner FI20166 3750-01147

    No price - Sterling, MA
    • Manufacturer: Astex

    3-stub automated tuner produced by astex (mks instruments) for use with smartpower microwave generators. this is a wr284 waveguide component. 3kw smartmatch microwave tuner amat application: amat t...

  • Oxford Instruments Plasmalab 800 Plus PECVD

    $99,000 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Oxford Instruments

    large capacity open loaded plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition system. a 460mm diameter electrode offers a capacity of up to twelve 4 in. wafers. ideally suited for batch pecvd processing whe...

  • 2010 Microstep DS 6001.20APB Plasma cutter with drilling assembly 6x2 meters

    No price - Vodskov, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Microstep

    microstep plasma cutting system type ds 6001.20apb, class of 2010, sold cheaply by rapid trade processing of plates up to 6000x2000 mm and a thickness of 6-35 mm with the plasma unit hypertherm hpr...

  • 1997 Messer Griesheim Cortina DM400 plasma cutting machine

    No price - Erwitte, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Messer griesheim

    with a cutting torch cutting arеa of 3 m x 8 m control messer griesheim type omnicom, equipment and accessories manufacturer donaldson torit, extraction, compressor, type 3dfp9cp refrigeration drye...

  • 2008 Sato G 1500 CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

    $38,801 - Bochum, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Sato

    guiding machinе manufacturer: sato type: satronik g 1500 control: cnc 3010 size: 4000 x 1500 mm year: 2008 hours: 8,090 h (machine) plasmaqülle manufacturer: kjellberg type: hi-focus 280i addition...

  • 2004 Microstep SPL-P 8001.20 CNC plasma cutting system

    $41,018 - Bochum, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Microstep

    manufacturеr: microstep model: spl-p 8001.20 year of production: 2004 technology: plasma condition: second-hand machine; currently in operation work area: 8300 mm x 2000 mm technical equipment:-2d-...

  • Applied Materials AMAT Axiom strip chamber

    No price - Regensburg, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Applied Materials

    amat axiom strip chamber amat axiom strip chamber manufactured in 2007