• PC-103-1 Sprout Waldron 20hp Plastic Grinder

    $1,800 - Minneapolis, MN

      has a 17.5" x 3/4" opening with feeder for continuous operation, 12" exhaust tube with valve, model pc-103-1, s# 62-1912, 17.5" blades in grinder

    • Grinder, Plastic, Scrap, Amacoil, #HMG, 7.5 HP,

      No price - Brisbane, CA Recently Added

        amacoil plastic scrap grinder, model hmg (hot melt granulator), has single rotor 8" diameter x 10" face, (4) adjustable angle blades. driven by 7-1/2 hp xp 3/60/230-460/1740 rpm motor. all carbo...

      • Grinder, Plastic, Alsteele, Mdl 1009, 7.5 HP

        No price - San Dimas, CA Recently Added

          alsteel grinder/granulator model 1009 with 1/4" perforated screen, serial number 10. unit has 5/8" x 9-1/6" feed throat, 2 knife open rotor belt driven by 7.5 hp ac motor, 48" feed tray height, bin...

        • Grinder, Plastic, Foremost, 15 HP, Mdl HD6, C/st,

          No price - San Dimas, CA Recently Added

            foremost plastic granulator/ grinder. unit is model hd-6 with carbon steel contact parts, complete with 15 hp motor drive, 440 volt. unit features 18" diameter x 15" wide grinding chamber, with ...

          • Grinder, Plastic, Shredder, Shred-Pax, C/st, 10 HP,

            No price - Brisbane, CA Recently Added

              shred-pax plastic shredder, model az-7 snp. shredder is a 2-stage machine with 12" diameter x 16" face top shredding roll driven by 10 hp and cram fed by vertical pneumatic cylinder. second stag...

            • Grinder, Pelletizer, Plastic, Cumberland, S/st, 40 HP

              No price - Chowchilla, CA Recently Added

                (2) cumberland model 26 pelletizer, with milling type rotor, 27" wide, 60 blades. unit designed to cut to length multiple extruder plastic strands,. 125" to. 092" diameter, up to 10,000#/hr capa...

              • Grinder, Plastic, Scrap, Peeco, P12/4, 5 HP,

                No price - Brisbane, CA Recently Added

                  peeco plastic scrap grinder, model p12/4, with 5 hp motor, 70 psi hydraulic air pressure, 500 rpm max motor speed, 12" wide rotor with 4 knives and is designed for cutting plastic sheets.

                • Grinder, Pelletizer, Plastic, Alsteele, #48F8, S/st, 3 HP,

                  No price - San Dimas, CA Recently Added

                    alsteele rotary blade plastics pelletizer, model 48f8. unit features 10" wide x 10 rotary blade cutter, stainless steel contact parts. unit has twin 3" diameter compression rollers for positive ...

                  • Grinder, Plastic, Scrap, LR Stystems, 12" X 24", 50HP

                    No price - Brisbane, CA Recently Added

                      plastic scrap grinder, manufactured by lr systems. grinding chamber measures 12" x 24". unit driven by 50 hp drive. includes 5 hp blower. rated for approximately 1,500 lbs/hr. good condition.

                    • Grinder, Plastic, Scrap, Alsteele, 30 HP, Mdl 7x18

                      No price - San Dimas, CA Recently Added

                        alsteele plastic scrap grinder model 7x18. unit driven by 30 hp direct drive, 1170 rpm, 220/440v drive motor. chamber is 7" diameter x 18" wide with screen discharge, 6" wide x 18" feed chute. c...