• 1999 Nissei FN4000 50A 180T Injection Molding Machine

    No price - Japan Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Nissei

    we offer nissei fn4000 50a from the first owner in very good condition, with lcd control 9000nc ready for purchasing from stock. free packaging and loading. we can give you best price for transport...

  • 1994 Muenchow Huehne BV4130 EPS block molding machine

    No price - North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Muenchow Huehne

    1 complete block form with vacuum system block size: length 4130 mm width 1040 mm height 1040 mm block shape weight: about 24 tons. total accessories: ca 6 to electrical connection: about 60 kw com...

  • Moria Epi-K Motor

    No price - Tampa, FL
    • Manufacturer: Moria

    a mechanical automated epikeratome epi-k™ has a disposable head that offers the refractive surgeon the possibility to cleave the cornea instead of cutting it, and to reunite all the advantages of s...

  • 2012 JSW 650 Ton 33.7 Oz (964gr) Full Electric Injection Machine

    $279,000 - Miami, FL Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: JSW

    eti#5259 full electric injection machine jsw 650metric ton full electric injection molding machines.-model : j650ad-1400h​-screw diameter : 65mm  (2,55")-injection pressure : 241mpa-injection capa...

  • 2010 Krauss Maffei KM450-4500 CS PET

    No price - Korea
    • Manufacturer: Krauss-Maffei

    krauss maffei km450-4500 cs pet used machine krauss maffei km450/4500 cs pet for pet preform injection molding machine. -clamping force : 450 ton -manufactured year : 2010 -location : korea -still ...

  • 1998 Embosser: PAO MACC, Rotary Campo Embosser

    No price - WA
    • Manufacturer: Macc

    (1) used pao macc rotary campo embosser, new 1998 machine is designed to emboss decorations onto picture frames, furniture accessories, pelmets and moldings made o...

  • 1998 - Hammer Cutter 125HP Hammer Cutter

    No price - Delhi, India
    • Manufacturer: Hammer

    hammer cutter 125hp country: india | division: rubber / plastic processing machinery | machine name: hammer cutter

  • 1995 JSW J-850EII 850T Injection Molding Machine

    $75,000 - Singapore, Singapore
    • Manufacturer: JSW

    jsw 850 ton,1995 machine in running condition. country: singapore | division: rubber / plastic processing machinery | accessories: nil | machine name: 850t injection molding machine | terms and con...

  • 1988 Kawaguchi K365-C 365T Injection Molding Machine

    $23,900 - Singapore
    • Manufacturer: Kawaguchi

    used kawaguchi k365-c machine in running condition

  • 1991 Toshiba IS1600DE-150A 1600T Injection Molding Machine

    No price - Japan
    • Manufacturer: Toshiba
    • Clamping Force: 1600ton

    clamping force: 1600ton diameter: 125mm shot weight: 7750g injection pressure: 1750kg/cm3 distance between tie rods(h× v): 1520×1265mm daylight: 3200mm