• Astro-Med DASH-8-PM

    • Manufacturer: PM

      astro-med dash-8-pm 8 ch power monitor - data acquisition recorder available for: rent, buy product overview * 8 channels of inputs for single phase and three phase power monitoring * 88 hours of continuous recor...

      United States
    • Yokogawa LR4220E Pen Recorder / Chart Recorder 372221

      • Manufacturer: Yokogawa

        the yokogawa lr4220e is a pen chart recorder.  the lr4220e has a part number of 372221-b-0/d/gpib making it a 2 pen model that is 10mv f.s. (dcv, tc), version b and 90-250vac. 

        Finksburg, MD, USA
      • Grass Technologies 7400 Physiological Recorder

            the grass technologies 7400 is a physiological recorder.  the grass technologies 7400 is a 4 channel recorder with qty.4 pi-1acdc.

            Finksburg, MD, USA
          • Hioki 8840 Memory Hicorder Recorder

            • Manufacturer: Hioki

              the hioki 8840 is a memory hicorder.  the hioki 8840 has 4 channels and qty.4 8916 inputs.  the hioki 8916 is the analog inputs for the 8840.  the 8916 have a range of 5mv to 20v per division ...

              Finksburg, MD, USA
            • Western Graphtec WR8000 Chart Recorder

              • Manufacturer: Western

                the graphtech wr8000 is a thermal strip chart recorder.  some of the features of the wr8000 are:

                Finksburg, MD, USA
              • Yokogawa HR1300 Portable Hybrid Recorder

                • Manufacturer: Hybrid

                  the yokogawa hr1300 is a portable hybrid recorder.

                  Finksburg, MD, USA
                • Yokogawa LR4110 Portable Recorder 371145

                  • Manufacturer: Yokogawa

                    the yokogawa lr4110 is a 4 pen portable recorder.  the part number of the lr4110 is 371145-b/o/d/df/rs232c.  that translates to:

                    Finksburg, MD, USA
                  • Astro-Med MT-9500 Chart Recorder

                        the astro-med mt-9500 is a chart recorder.

                        Finksburg, MD, USA
                      • Astro-Med MT-95000 Chart Recorder

                            the astro-med mt-95000 is a chart recorder.  the mt-95000 has 8 channels, 20khz frequency response and a dc-25khz bandwidth. 

                            Finksburg, MD, USA
                          • Astro-Med ZF8000 8 Channel Recorder

                                astro-med zf8000 8 channel recorder

                                Finksburg, MD, USA