$8,500 - United States

      jasco dip-370 digital polarimeter a small & nice digital polarimeter. display mode: optical rotation, sptical rotation, specific rotation, concentration, sample holder, record output, rs-232c port,...

    • Rudolph Research Analytical AUTOPOL V Automatic Polarimeter

      $8,000 - Anaheim, CA, USA Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Rudolph Research Analytical

      rudolph research analytical autopol v automatic polarimeter ...

    • Krüss P 1000 27025

      No price - Burladingen, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Krüss

      krüss polarimeter p 1000. sodium spectral lamp. 230v. 50hz. 50w. without cuvettes.

    • Thorlabs PAT9000B

      $7,800 - United States
      • Manufacturer: Thorlabs

      thorlabs profile pat9000b polariztion analyzer w polarizer & pc pat9000 mainframe pol9320 fir 1200 - 1700nm polarizer pan9300 ir polarimeter w fc •precise polarization, pmd and pdl analysis •jones-...

    • Profile PAT9000B

      $6,500 - United States
      • Manufacturer: Profile

      profile pat9000b opts: pan9300 polarizaton analyzer w pan9300 polarimeter head option: pan9300 in stock

    • PerkinElmer 343 Polarimeter

      $9,895 - Frederick, MD, USA Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Perkinelmer

      division: lab equipment | internal angular resolution: 0.0001°

    • Perkin Elmer 343

      $9,895 - United States Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Perkin elmer

      perkin elmer 343 features/specifications automatic precision polarimeter for... features/specifications automatic precision polarimeter for measurements at the 589 nm (nad) spectral line optical nu...

    • Optical Activity Polaar 20

      $9,990 - Canada
      • Manufacturer: Optical Activity

      polarimeter, optical activity, model polaar 20, serial 9120-03-15

    • Thorlabs PDI

      No price - Gatineau, Canada
      • Manufacturer: Thorlabs

      thorlabs pdi polarimeter data interface. to be used with a polarimeter such as the pa410, pa430, pa450, pa460

    • Thorlabs PA430

      No price - Gatineau, Canada
      • Manufacturer: Thorlabs

      thorlabs pa430 polarimeter specifications wavelength range: 1100-1600 nm power range: 30nw-3mw accuracy d.o.p: ±1.00% @ calibration wavelength/±1.5% over - operating range measurement r...