• 2007 Pellenc 1000LD Crumbler

    $5,867 - Thoma Felix Gmbh, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Pellenc

    pellenc bottomstock krümler to work the tine against weeds, this machine is optimally mounted between the front axle and the rear axle of the tractor, which makes driving the most optimal. can also...

  • 2015 Caffini Synthesys 300lt Vine and fruit tree syrup Synthesis

    $5,768 - Müller Siblingen GmbH, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Caffini

    display engine caffini synthesys 300lt with 620mm blower, manual gearbox 12 nozzles, adjustable deflectors, fresh water tank, lighting, articulated shaft, electric operation of partial widths left ...

  • 2014 Hermes HM 252 Shredder

    $9,795 - Dubler Agrar Service, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Hermes

    hydraulic ripple shift with hydraulics moving knives (advisable on rocky terrain) double protection rubber for swivel plate (reduces risk of injury to the plants) hydraulic cutting width adjustment...

  • 2014 Faustini FTP 180 Mallets

    $4,854 - Eggmann Landmaschinen GmbH, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Faustini

    working width 1,8m, side thrust, hammerschlegel, ejection adjustable, rear roller with wiper

  • 2016 Samatec EVO 4 Working platform

    $67,967 - Dubler Agrar Service, Switzerland

      new price € 69350 options in price incl -automatic steering - by ultrasonic sensors -stacker front with towing device and kinking system -stapler - rear with swiveling forks in steep terrain max. 4...

    • 2015 Lochmann RPS 10/90 UQ Fruit-hanging syringe

      $17,750 - Dubler Agrar Service, Switzerland
      • Manufacturer: Lochmann

      options in price incl -base 13.0 / 55x16 -kickelichsel for lowering -operated air baffles - hose connection rear axial -electr. 4-position control valve with electrical pressure control, manometer ...

    • Fantini Fruit building spray 600 l

      No price - SILENT AG, Switzerland
      • Manufacturer: Fantini

      tank 600 l blower ø 800 mm control arag, 2 sector fresh water spray tank 2-speed blower 100 l pump, max. 60 bar other demo / occasional equipment

    • 2015 Vimas Rode pliers with shaking function

      No price - Eggmann Landmaschinen GmbH, Switzerland Recently Added

        rode tongs with side shift and vibration function subcategory 2: hefenhofeni offer | pomiculture | condition info: exhibit | type of advert: i offer

      • 2016 Lochmann RPS 10/90 UQ Fruit sprayer

        No price - Forrer Landtechnik AG, Switzerland
        • Manufacturer: Lochmann

        lochmann fruit sprayers occupy a top position in terms of quality, spray pattern, operation, price-performance ratio. various machines available from stock, please ask for our offer equipment equip...

      • 2015 Silverbull frizz-d Lifting platform

        No price - Eggmann Landmaschinen GmbH, Switzerland
        • Manufacturer: Silverbull

        2-wheel drive, differential lock, self-steering, fully automatic slope compensation on the side 20%, in the direction of travel 30%, crate for bind material, free-wheeling, working platform with di...