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  • Samro Offset Super RB potato harvesters

    • Manufacturer: Samro

      Additional bunker separating units with 2 knobs and 2 rotor wipers hydr. ridge relief plucking roller paloxenfülltrichter ready for use sell ​​from customer

      $7,197 (USD)
      Bättwil, Switzerland
    • 2014 Grimme SE 260 Potato harvester

      • Manufacturer: Grimme
      • Model: SE 260

        It is a 6 t standard bunker with bunker head lowering from a se 260 from the bj. , 2014.

        $11,176 (USD)
        Damme, Germany
      • 2017 Ropa Keiler 1 Potato harvesters, harvesters

        • Manufacturer: Ropa

          Ropa keiler 1 potato harvesting machine separation via hedgehog 1 with double diverting rollers and hedgehog 2 in h profile version with 4-fold ufk (1st and 2nd finger row offset), speed can be adjusted independe...

          No price
          Fraubrunnen, Switzerland
        • 2016 Miedema MH241

          • Manufacturer: Miedema

            Very nice complete sports bowl with flip-flops set with flip-flop cleaner with double smart pin. 2.4 bottom width x 5.7 mtr. bottom length. bunker content: 18-20ton start control (start start line) mh control (di...

            $78,435 (USD)
            Stiens, Netherlands
          • 2017 Grimme SE 75-55 DEMO yr

            • Manufacturer: Grimme

              New will be released at the end of october, drawbar down with k80, hydr. 3-stage gearbox with self-hydraulics, dmf, ddr, amf, sorting with double bunker at the front, dredging rollers, kombi 900er trenngerät with...

              No price
              Hüttwilen, Switzerland
            • 1998 Unia VL4 H

              • Manufacturer: Unia
                $6,732 (USD)
                Eichstätt, Germany
              • 2017 Remprodex S-211 / POLA2, Potatoe planter, planteuses à deux ran potato planter

                    We are the general partner of brands such as: lemken maschio gaspardo, brochard, grano system, metal fach, pronar, kolaszewski, mchale, agro-factory, cynkomet, metal technology, tad-len, bomet, mandam, expom, pom...

                    $3,518 (USD)
                    Zgorzelec, Poland
                  • Hassia 2-reihige

                    • Manufacturer: Hassia
                    • Number of Rows: 2

                    2 rows of potato machines (row spacing 60 cm) in the customer order!

                    No price
                    Reinheim, Germany
                  • Losband op wielen

                    • Manufacturer: Losband op wielen

                      With towbar, hydraulically driven, neat belt type: conveyor belts | dealer: ob17s-0241 | zip code: 9051 jc

                      $3,921 (USD)
                      Stiens, Netherlands
                    • 2010 Grimme SE 75-55

                      • Manufacturer: Grimme

                        Top equipped, self-contained hydraulics, divided bunker with calibration, 3-stage drive transmission, rod depth adjustment from the terminal, dam pressure control, automatic damaging device, additional disc outsi...

                        $69,722 (USD)
                        Wohlen bei Bern, Switzerland