$24,583 - Estrées-Deniécourt, France
    • Manufacturer: Bijlsma

    double module with turns carpet 2 meters 2 motors condition info: very good condition

  • Potatoes storage : Vide-Palox Déterreur électro-hydraulique

    $6,163 - Tincques, France
    • Manufacturer: Vide-Palox Déterreur électro-hydraulique

    electro-hydraulic vacuum-palox - for pallets / palox 1m10 by 1m20 by 1m (can be changed on request) - with carpet of reloading and final distemper discs, stars or others - suitable for potatoes or ...

  • Potatoes storage : KMK Remplisseur de caisses NS2

    $11,737 - Tincques, France Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: KMK Remplisseur de caisses NS2

    - designed for filling paloxes with potatoes or other vegetables. - filling by optical eye, possibility option fill by weighing (+ 2280 €). adjustable belt speed adjustable lateral travel speed cap...

  • Potatoes storage : Krukowiak Trieur Mini Gawron

    $6,249 - Tincques, France
    • Manufacturer: Krukowiak

    sorting unit for potatoes, consisting of an elevator, a calibrator, a business table and a bagger module capacity: up to 2 t / hour calibrator option only and version 4.5 t / hour roussel agri 62

  • Potatoes storage : KMK Table de visite T2008

    $3,188 - Tincques, France
    • Manufacturer: KMK Table de visite T2008

    sorting table / roller table for sorting potatoes, onions or other - variable speed - pvc rollers that turn on themselves (allows the tuber to turn on itself) - lighting - 4 feet on castors - adjus...

  • Potatoes storage : KMK Peseuse Ensacheuse WR 30 automatic

    $8,324 - Tincques, France
    • Manufacturer: KMK Peseuse Ensacheuse WR 30 automatic

    weighing machine: 1 - 30 kg - capacity: up to 5.0 t / hour - suitable for many products such as potato, garlic, onion, shallot, carrot, turnip, beetroot, etc. - power supply: 380v - optional stainl...

  • Potatoes storage : tremie pomme de terre ou autre

    $2,011 - Tincques, France
    • Manufacturer: tremie pomme de terre ou autre

    capacity of the tremis: 1,9m3 approximately 1330kg weight 212kg delivery possible

  • ECO MATIK Myjka Storage equipment

    $3,631 - Poland Recently Added

      washer for vegetables and potatoes division: agricultural machinery

    • Visser Bolsward OM-600/ T60

      $9,302 - Rotterdam, Netherlands Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: OM

      description: visser  pick up scooter with hydraulic crane. selfdriven scooter pick up loader to pick up vegetables from the floor in the storage. this shovel machine can be used for bulk product...

    • Bijlsma Hercules 40.000

      $2,351 - Rotterdam, Netherlands Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Bijlsma

      description: damage-free scooping of bulk product from the storage area can be quite a job - unless you use a bijlsma hercules scooter pick-up loader. it gets the job done fast -- no matter whethe...