• 2006 Heidelberg SM 102-2P 5826

    No price - Elk Grove Village, IL
    • Manufacturer: Heidelberg
    • Model: SM 102-2P

    28" x 40" (720mm x 1020mm) (2) color format w/ perfecting 2/0 - 1/1

  • mogul line for jelly

    No price - Willich, Germany
    • Manufacturer: MAKAT

    for jellies, liquid, toffee (muh-muh), fondant, liquor products, etc., filled in powder, with automatic de-stacker, product cleaner, filling the boxes and stumping, dosing head, automatic box stac...

  • 1990 TOGUM Ball Gum Line

    No price - Düsseldorf, Germany
    • Manufacturer: TOGUM

    automatic installation for the manufacturing of rolled, hollow, powder-filled, semi-liquid filled, ball shaped and any other spherical items made of chewing gum, chewy-candy, liquorice etc. manufa...

  • 2008 SELO Saucen, Mayonnaise, Ketchup Line

    $203,736 - Düsseldorf, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo

    equipment set selo year of manufacture 2008 for the production of sauces, mayonnaise, mustard hot/cold (used for other purposes possible) general information water phase: approx. 3500 x 2250 mm app...

  • MANTOVA FORNI Biscuit Line

    $966,440 - Düsseldorf, Germany
    • Manufacturer: MANTOVA FORNI

    frollini biscuits line kg-hr complete, rotative line, widht 1000mm capacity: kg/h consists of 1. 2 horizontal dough mixеrs of 500 l each, two speeds, with timers made of stainless steel with automa...

  • Waste PCB Recycling Equipment

    No price - Wilmington, DE

      waste pcb recycling equipment recycle printed circuit boards with this large scale production line. this equipment is suitable for recycling a range of printed circuit boards (pcb) including home a...

    • 1996 Gagea - Milk Powder Production Line

      No price - Liaoning, China
      • Manufacturer: Gagea

      capacity:650kg/h country: china | capacity: 650kg/h | division: chemical / food machinery | machine name: milk powder production line

    • 1994 Buhler - Soy Protein Powder Production line

      No price - Liaoning, China
      • Manufacturer: Bühler

      the technology is: soybean full use pure dry process technology entire computer control(automatical control) automatic working from soybean to packing process is all closed inside there six parts w...


      No price - Amsterdam, Netherlands

        production line description: complete modern panel radiator plant the modern panel radiator plant is consisting of: welding equipment panel point welder (make: siff) two head side longitudal welder...

      • 2016 KIGO OE Greece MEGA Industrial machine

        No price - Lete, Greece
        • Manufacturer: Mega

        mega powder coating plant is optimal solution for wide range of different size and weight of parts. special efficiency is when customer want to coat from small work parts to a particularly big on a...