• SERVICE KING Rig Structures - Mast & Substructure Combos

    • Manufacturer: King

      substructures one piece, fixed height substructures provide a simple work floor up to 12 ft high: are easily transported in a minimum number of loads and are quickly rigged-up and rigged-down. box-on-box substruc...

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      Stroud, OK, USA
    • 2003 A1 Steel Halls Prefabricated Hall Warehouse building

      • Manufacturer: A1 Steel Halls

        warehouse steel building a1 steel halls prefabricated steel hall used machine prefabricated rigid steel framed hall (build in 2003) with a covered floor area of round about 2400 square metres [hb30. 1 m * hl78. 6...

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        Ochtrup, Germany
      • 1999 A1 STEEL SHEDS 7-span Canopy hall building Shed

        • Manufacturer: A1 STEEL SHEDS

          steel shed a1 steel sheds 7-span canopy steel hall building used machine 7-span yard canopy with a covered floor area of approximately 630 square meters, which is to be deconstructed within the month of june 2017...

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          Berlin, Germany
        • 1999 A1 STAHLHALLEN hbs438s Verkaufshalle

          • Manufacturer: A1 STAHLHALLEN

            steel framed building a1 steel buildings prefabricated retail hall well maintained commercial steel frame hall (build 1999) which will be deconstructed due to pending conversion of land. possible use: retail faci...

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            North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
          • Varie Vari

            • Manufacturer: Varie

              lot 99 no. 1 wooden pergola structure that needs maintenance 3x6 meters; n. 19 flower boxes of various types, in concrete; n. 1 concrete element for the collection of batteries and medicines; n. 3 bricks pallet; ...

              Faenza, Italy
            • Hundegger Line K2

              • Manufacturer: Hundegger

                for video please copy and paste into a new browser window: https://youtu.be/qr047iba9ly https://youtu.be/fkqjo6wxlsi https://youtu.be/m9larmtbcum https://youtu.be/qjvhex1kdem the line includes the technica...

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